Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Literature- The Hedge of Thorns

Have you ever had things you thought were just in the way of what you wanted... only to learn later on that the Lord had placed a hedge of "thorns" in the way to keep you safe? John Carrol learned this lesson and eloquently penned about it in his book, The Hedge of Thorns, published in 1611. This book is recommended for ages 12-99 years! :)

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Have you read any of the books published by Lamplighter? They offer such a rich collection of Literature that challenges, inspires, encourages, and impacts people for God's glory. To me, that's the mark of great literature! We have a collection we read together as a family and I now have a small selection of books that our children will be reading for their Literature studies this coming school year.  

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Brief Summary:
John Carrol had a tendency to ignore the wisdom that his parents and teacher, Mrs.Waring, tried to teach him. John and his beloved sister, Bell, walked past a hedge on their way to and from school. John's first temptation was to see what was behind the hedge of thorns, despite the admonition of those who loved him.When he chose to give his heart over to the sin of disobedience, he ended up hurting his dear sister. His father instructed him with scripture and once John realized why the hedge of thorns was placed there, his heart was moved. Throughout his life, he chose to give in to temptation after temptation until he finally realized that thorns weren't the only hedge given to protect him. You'll learn and be moved by his journal entries as he reflects on his life and how God saved him.

Lamplighter has a free quiz for The Hedge of Thorns and a free answer key!

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