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11 Random Things on This Site

About Me

I love my family time! I love reading out loud to my family in the evenings before bedtime, taking nature walks with them, learning along side them (on a deeper level), and doing creative things together. Each and everyone of them are an inspiration to me!

If you are interested, here is more about me...

20 Random Things About Me

1. Jesus Christ (Yeshua is his name in Hebrew) is my Lord and Savior.

2. I am thankful to be a wife and mother (and to home educate our children).

3. I think privacy is normal and not a bad thing.

4. I am an outgoing introvert.  

5. I think accents are one of the neatest things ever that God has created!

6. I LOVE cheese cake but gave it up years ago just to prove that I could.

7. I love to color code my clothing in alphabetical order.

8. I absolutely love learning, reading and analyzing. (Writing reviews and writing literature guides are enjoyable to me.)

9. I enjoy learning church history!

10. In my opinion, Charlotte Mason and The Principle Approach interweave beautifully!

11. My heart is to be teachable and I am not intimidated by testing things against Scripture. I like to be challenged in why I believe what I do. If I find I am in the wrong, my desire is to learn and change... to become more self-governed under Christ/ the teachings of the Bible. I like to discuss Scripture and think that can be done without debating.

12. In Christ Alone is one of my most favorite hymns ever.

13. I am the creative type.

14. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ and acknowledge and repsect that we are all in a different place in our walk.

15. I love to help and encourage others.

16. I find small talk challenging but can participate more easily if someone initiates it.

17. I am continually trying to simplify.

18. Many greens and blues are my favorite colors.

19. I am married to my best friend and am thankful he is imperfect, too. It'd be way hard to be married to a perfect person!!

20. Several years ago, I explained to my husband that I wished he would have flowers delivered to me. I asked why he didn't ever just do that without me putting a bug in his ear. I thought it would be romantic. One day I opened the door to a woman having a bad day who was permeated with the scent of smoke. She handed me a bouquet. I cried that day and had a reality check. There is nothing romantic about having flowers delivered by a stranger. Forever more I only want flowers given to me directly from my handsome and loving husband. {Yeah. He was happy to hear that!}

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