Art Lessons

While the StoneBridge Art Guide does not contain Bible Principle art lessons, it does contain Bible Principle information to apply to art lessons. This challenge inspired the free art lessons on my blog as a companion to the StoneBridge Art Guide. I hope you enjoy doing these lessons with your kids! 

I just want to Thank You for your support and encouragement to my family through this blog!

Teach Elements of Design with Bible Principles: 

Color, Value and Monochromatic

Space and Shape

Line and Texture

Coming Soon!


Composition- Closed and Open

Teach Art of Antiquity with Bible Principles:

Teach Master Artist Studies with Bible Principles:


Master Artist- Claude Monet 1840 - 1926

Master Artist- Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841- 1919

Master Artist- Vincent Van Gough1853 - 1890.

Impressionism lessons:

Bird Nest with Bible Principles (chalk pastels)

Teach Other Artist Studies with Bible Principles:


Georgia O'Keefe (1887 – 1986) American Artist

Teach Art Techniques with Bible Principles:

Chalk Pastels:

Eyes: Self-Portraits

Mixed Media:

3D Nylon Sculptures 

Paintings: (Acrylics/Watercolor)

Painting in the Order of Creation