Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Splash! BiblePrinciples Facebook Page Party!

***The party is over. We'll hope you join us for the next one!***

This is only part of the party that is taking place at the BiblePrinciples facebook page!

The Lemon Square Squealer

Giggles and squeals of delight and anticipation echoed in our little home. It was Father's Day and as is tradition in our family, the kids and I thought of something new and special to make for their daddy to honor him.

Our second oldest child was only about 4 then and she had a challenging time keeping things secret. It was torment for her! I gave frequent reminders. I played "What If" with the kids.... "What if Daddy comes home and asks what you made him?" I asked. With angelic little faces they answered, "We won't tell him!" After all of our drills, I felt confident that our surprise was safe. Never did I suspect what would ensue after her father got home from work and the gift wasn't quite finished.

Things were going well. Their dad was playing with them and laughter abounded like crazy. Then... it got quiet. I was on the other side of the kitchen when I heard our daughter in the other room say, "It's lemon squares, Daddy! Homemade lemon squares for you!" She caved!

"Oops! That was supposed to be kept private, remember?" I scolded.

Does that sound familiar to you? Raising our children to know when to keep something secret can be quite the task! 

Enter... the Bible Principle Guide, Secret Blessings. In this notebooking format, your child will learn about what the Bible has to say about keeping blessings for others quiet. In addition, they may enjoy playing the blessings game, "Pass the Button," to help them practice doing good acts for others in private.

As a part of the Summer Splash! Kick-Off Party you can get your free download of the
Secret Blessings Guide!

***The Party is over and this guide will 
be offered for free until June 30th.*** 

There will be a door prize coming up this hour, too! Be sure to keep up on the BiblePrinciples facebook page!

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