Monday, July 16, 2012

The History of Literature

Literature Noah Plan Kindergarten Week 1, Quarter

Every time I pick up a book, I look at literature differently than I did before I learned about the roots (foundations) of literature. Due to the Noah Plan lesson for this week, I was amazed to realize that all the different forms of literature were created by God. This is evident when the Bible, God's inspired Word, contains all of them! Yet how many of us have this realization? This has made the value of literature even more precious to me.

I am excited that our children have the opportunity of learning this from such a young age. How blessed they will be for it!

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You can download your free notebooking page for this lesson. You can use it for your child do just draw on or you can let him/her be creative in another way.  I love the concept of lapbooks but they drive me nuts because there ends up being so many of them and I don't find it easy to organize them. Some friends use magazine holders for them but I need all the shelf space I have for our literature. So, I thought of a lovely way to use the lapbook concept by just creating notebooking pages with mini-books and flaps like what's used in lapbooks. I just print my notebooking pages on card stock so they are firmer.

~ Make Your Own Lapbook Page! ~

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My Kindergartner is a girl, hence the girly themed supplies. But I share my scrapbooking supplies with her and often times keep my eyes open for dollar deals at different craft stores so I have a plethora of crafty things for our kids to choose from when producing their own work. 

*The prep work takes maybe 10 minutes.


What You'll Need:


White Card stock 
Colored card stock or scrapbooking paper of your child's choice
Two-sided sticky squares (I think Wal*Mart has the best deal on these)
Stickers (optional)
Embellishments of your choice (optional) 
Paper cutter or a ruler and scissors 
Single paper hole punch

What You Do: 

Some of this you may need to do but once the booklets are made, your child will use them to produce her work. 
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 Make 3 booklets. Cut your booklet covers out of card stock (2.5 x 3 fits perfectly on the downloadable notebooking page). Do the same for the inside pages of your booklet. We used 2 white pages for inside each of our booklets.

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Punch 2 holes in one side of each booklet.

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Pull yarn through each hole and tie the knot tightly but be sure keep the loop itself somewhat loose so the pages can be easily turned.

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Now, take those two-sided sticky squares and have your child stick them on the back like how you see in the photo.

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The situate the books to your liking. You or your child will write a title on each booklet: Bible, History, Literature. Let your child decorate the covers of the booklets. 

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What we wrote in our Bible booklet is the different forms of literature found within the Bible. In the History booklet, my daughter drew a picture of Daddy and Mommy getting married. On the next pages, she drew her and her siblings. This basic idea of our family history helps her to have an understanding of history meaning that something once happened.

She wanted a break to play so I said, "Okay!" When she is ready, we will come back to finish the Literature booklet. In that she can draw pictures for a story she narrates to me about our family. 



  1. This is great! Thanks for the notebook page downloads. I started out doing the Noah Plan, but now have adopted a simplified version which I prefer for home education. Literature has definitely required the most teacher prep.

    1. You're welcome, Gina! I'm glad the notebook pages are helpful to you.

      The Noah Plan was written for a school and I think that the application of it will look different in each home. I find that I have simplified it and modified as we going along quite a bit, too. I'm thankful to be able to use it as a springboard for lessons.