Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lullabies- Literature Begins with the Baby

The Noah Plan Week 3, Quarter 1

What are lullabies for? Did you realize they have literary elements which you can teach to your children? What can they teach us about a nation and a time period? What about the authors?

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I love to have my girls get their baby dollies out for these sweet lessons about lullabies. They have all especially loved this. *My boys never have been into baby dolls, so when I've taught them this lesson I've held the baby doll or a real baby sibling of theirs and demonstrate how I sing lullabies to a baby.

For You to Do:
Before the lesson, we parents have the privilege to learn some new things ourselves. In The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide (this covers all grade ranges by the way!), I read some insightful things about lullabies. I'll share one of them with you.

For starters, some background is given on language or speech (this does pertain to the topic of literature). There's the idea floating around out there that speech evolved. You've probably heard how "ug, ug, ooo, ooo" grunts evolved into languages (words) that we speak now. Well anyway, Noah Webster researched for the definitions of language and speech in the Bible and his conclusions on how speech did not evolve are shared in this curriculum guide. Did you ever give much thought about what the Bible says about this?

For Your Child to Do:
Your child has this blessed time with you as you teach him/her. The first lullaby we focus on is Away in a Manger. We sing as we cradle the baby dolls.

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 Then we talk about the lesson and notebook pages are created.

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Sometimes my children like to draw, color a coloring page, paint or else they like to craft. Today I offered paper crafting as an option and my daughter chose to do that. She chose the colors of paper she wanted to use. I couldn't find our child safe scissors at the time so I cut the pieces for assembly.

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After sticking down all of the pieces where and how she wanted to, she drew on a face (above). You can see how she took a color pencil and added hay to the floor and has it sticking up on the manger (below).

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It's fun to see the final project placed in the notebook. It's satisfying because my children are not consuming a workbook that will just be tossed away. Instead, they are producing; they are wisely using their time to create, to express their individuality and to have a scrapbook/journal of their learning. This is priceless and something they will be able to look back on and to show their own families.

Download your free notebooking page for this lesson.

Notebooking page with a traceable title here.

Notebooking page without a traceable title here.

Notebooking manger scene coloring page with a traceable title here.

I hope this saves you some time! Enjoy!



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