Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Word Study Wednesday- Link Up Define Memory

My thoughts seem all jumbled. I feel sad. I feel hurt.

Someone very dear to us is having some difficult times. Early Alzheimer's is suspected.

Memories. I'm contemplating them. I'm trying to comprehend them. The need. The why. What are we without them?

Have you ever read the children's story, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox? Alzheimer's is a deeply sad condition and this story touches on how precious memories can be. But what is truly important to remember in the great scheme of things?

Webster's 1828 Dictionary:

, n. [L. memoria; Gr. to remember, from mind, or the same root. See Mind.]
1. The faculty of the mind by which it retains the knowledge of past events, or ideas which are past. A distinction is made between memory and recollection. Memory retains past ideas without any, or with little effort; recollection implies an effort to recall ideas that are past.
6. Reflection; attention.

REMEM'BER, v.t. [Low L. rememoror; re and memoror. See Memory.]

7. To think of and consider; to meditate. Ps. 63.

9. To bear in mind with praise or admiration; to celebrate. 1Chron. 16.

10. To bear in mind with favor, care, and regard for the safety or deliverance of any one. Ps. 74. Gen. 8. Gen. 19.

12. To bear in mind with confidence; to trust in. Ps. 20.

14. To bear in mind with reverence; to obey.

Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth. Eccles. 12.


1. Intention; purpose; design.

REFLEC'TION, n. [from reflect.]

5. Thought thrown back on itself, on the past or on the absent; as melancholy reflections; delightful reflections.

Seeing how  these key words are used in Scripture:

We are to remember God's Commands:
Numbers 15:39, 40

We are to remember lessons we are taught and the works of our Lord: 
Deuteronomy 5:15 and 7:18 and 8:2

We are to remember the Lord our God: 

We are to remember that we magnify His work: 

We are to remember to trust in Him: 
Psalm 20:7

We are to remember Him and to meditate on Him:
Psalm 63:6

We are to remember to count every day... to remember how short our time really is:
Psalm 89:47

We are to remember our history/heritage: 

We are to remember that we are not greater than our Lord: 
John 15:20

We are to remember Him in all things: 
1 Corinthians 11:2

We are to remember the poor: 
Galations 2:10

We are to remember that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead: 

We are to remember them which are in bonds as though we were bound with them: 

We are to remember them which have spoken the Word of God to us:
Hebrews 13:7

We are to remember from whence we have fallen and be quick to repent of them:

We are to remember to be careful to walk in righteousness (being right with God): 

We are to remember the words of Jesus: 
 "I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Relating (personal application):

What are we without them?

We are still people who need care and love. We are people that our Heavenly Father does not forget.

Further Contemplation:

While it grieves me that someone I love dearly is intermittently forgetting me, other dear people, memories from life, a phone call, a conversation...  I see the need for memory goes beyond short-term and long-term memories regarding daily life happenings. I am reminded that earthly memories are fading and that Kingdom and eternal things are what matters. I am reminded of the important things Scripture tells me to remember.

Am I making certain I am recalling the words of my Lord Jesus throughout the day? Am I carrying them out?

Am I remembering the poor and those who are in bonds? I can be so self-centered about insignificant things in comparison to what others in these situations are going through. Which shows me that I am not always taking care to be thankful in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

If I am not careful, I can fall short of remembering that His ways are not like mine... that His plan for me is greater than my plans for me can be and that I simply need to trust Him. I need to remember that God allows things to happen for my benefit... my refinement... for me to draw closer to Him. 

Though I have fallen short, I am so thankful for the teachings in Scripture. I am thankful I can repent and that His mercy is great toward me (Psalm 103:11-13).

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