Monday, November 26, 2012

Mother Goose (Cont.)- Noah Plan K W2, Q2

The Noah Plan K
Literature W2, Q2

{Download your free notebook pages at the end of this post!}

Our English heritage. We are loving it! The Mother Goose rhymes help develop memory, imagination and speech in such a fun way! How clever of Mother Goose to make statements during the Reformation period with such rhymes.

There are lots of things to learn about in this week's lesson. Are you having fun learning along side your children when teaching them? I sure do when teaching mine! :)

Little Miss Muffet:

Humpty Dumpty:

Hah! And all this time I thought the egg depicted in Alice in Wonderland was an accurate portrayal of Humpty Dumpty.

I can see how "Hympty Dumpty" could be visualized in this way as the name was a colloquial term used in fifteenth century England to describe someone who was obese. But... it really means something entirely different in the rhyme...

The website at this link is an excellent resource about so many of the Mother Goose rhymes (in case you get the notion to explore  more of them)!

Download you free notebook pages for these two nursery rhymes! *There are mortar cannons at the end which your child may cut out and past if they wish to make a collage instead of just color.


I came across this in my research and it cracked me up! I thought you might enjoy it, too. :)

This was found at the this into that website.
A funny and clever book shelf!

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