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Walk Like an Egyptian? Part Two (Obelisks)

My Father's World
Creation to the Greeks
Week 11

In the My Father's World Creation to the Greeks Curriculum, we have been studying ancient Egypt. As with any curriculum, my goal is to apply Bible Principles to what we are studying about because I think it's important. I'm not sure how many of these I'll be posting but I will post as I see necessary (you can read post one here).

In week 11, one of the activities has to do with drawing an obelisk. I'd like to forewarn you that this is not a G Rated symbol!


My understanding from Scripture is that we are to not have anything to do with these images. And once you learn what they symbolize (a phallus) I'm fairly certain you may reconsider having your kids make one to commemorate someone or to even draw one.


In Babylon Mystery Religion, we are told also the true meaning of the obelisk:
"Originally, the obelisk was associated with sun worship. The ancients, having rejected the knowledge of the true creator, seeing that the sun gave life to plants and to man, looked upon the sun as a god, the great life giver. To them upright objects such as the obelisk also had a sexual significance. Realizing that through sexual union life was produced, the phallus was considered (along with the sun) a symbol of life. These were beliefs represented by the obelisks.
"The word 'images' in the Bible is translated from several different Hebrew words. One of these words, 'atzebah,' means 'standing images' or obelisks (I Kings 14:23; 2 Kings 18:4; 23:14; Jer. 43:13; Micah 5:13). Another word is 'hammanim' which means 'sun images,' images dedicated to the sun or obelisks (Isaiah 17:8; 27:9).
"In order for the obelisks to carry out their intended symbolism, they were placed upright -- erect. Thus they pointed up -- toward the sun. As a symbol of the phallus, the erect position also had an obvious significance. Bearing this in mind, it is interesting to notice that when divine judgment was pronounced against this false worship, it was said that these images (obelisks) 'shall not stand up,' but would be cast down (Isaiah 27:9)…" 4.

Well, some interesting things can be learned when holding ideas up in light of Scripture! 


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