Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Was Their Sin? (The Noah Plan K)

The Noah Plan
Quarter 2, Week 2

They got expelled from the Garden of Eden for...

eating fruit?
 {Well, no... not exactly.
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What is that word... enmity? 
 {Well it means...}
 What does sovereign mean?
 {It means that God is the Supreme Ruler...}

What a rich conversation we had, my children and I! Talking about Adam and Eve's choice to disobey God helped to illustrate what self-government means. God has given us all free-will. We call this self-government. And... how will you choose to govern yourself? Christian Self-Government is choosing to allow yourself to be governed under Christ. How does one do that? Well, in order to do this they need to make a choice about accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior...

.... and so went our conversation... 

... time wisely spent during our day. 

 One of mine chose to illustrate according to her own imagination.
Two of my other children decided to color a coloring page as they processed the teaching.
Then, they noted in their own words about self-government.

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