Saturday, December 1, 2012

Eight Days! Celebrate!

As I continue learning about the Feast of Dedication, I am learning that there are two other names which may be used for it:

  1. Chanukkah: pronounced as Hanukkah and that's the Hebrew word for *dedication.*
  2. The Festival of Lights: this may be because the pure oil (enough for one day) found remaining in the Holy Temple may have been extended by God for eight days. There doesn't seem to be any historical evidence of this though. So, likely it's because of all of the beautiful menorahs in windows shining brightly in the darkness! That would be so beautiful to see! 

As Christians, I think it would be so beautiful to light up our windows to shine in the darkness. Imagine rows of homes with lights shining brightly in the darkness declaring Christ as the Light of
the world- what a statement! What a meaningful way to show we acknowledge Christ as the perfect and true light! This is a purposeful time to acknowledge this Mighty Work of God when He helped the Israelites reclaim and rededicate the Holy Temple! 

I came across this song and I really enjoy it! I am into *folk* music (some types anyway). The music and lyrics interest me (I always thought it would be fun to be a musicologist). My favorite part is: "Eight days of Hanukkah. Eight days of Hanukkah. We celebrate the Festival of Lights. These days in history still live for you and me. Let's keep the flame forever shining bright!"

Let's keep the flame forever shining bright!

What flame?

The light of Jesus shining within us!

The Feast of Dedication is because of a Mighty Work of God! Without God, the Israelites would not have been able to drive Antiochus out of the land! Because of this Mighty Work of God, the Holy Temple was reclaimed and rededicated! The foundation of this celebration is built on something God did... no false religion roots to it.

And, yes, these days in history are meant for you and me. I'm looking forward to sharing further in my next post about how this is so. :)


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