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Jacob's Dream- The Noah Plan Quarter 2, Week 5

The Noah Plan- Bible
Quarter 2, Week 5

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There really isn't any preparation for the parent/teacher for this week's lesson out of The Noah Plan Curriculum. That doesn't make this lesson less exciting for us because we came up with ideas to research!

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A couple of my children wanted to color in a picture for their notebook work today.

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This one preferred to illustrate on her own.

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Didn't it turn out great?! :)

Some things that we talked about:

Female Angels?
  • We often see portrayals of female angels in photos, pictures, statuary, etc. Are there really female angels, too? When we tested that idea against Scripture, we learned that all references in Scripture are for male angels.
  • As the children were drawing and coloring, one asked, "Do angels really have wings?" I know that, throughout the centuries, artists have depicted angels with wings but I could not think of any passages in Scripture saying they do. So... this too is an idea for us to test against Scripture. For us, this is always an exciting thing! What is truth... and what is tradition? Where did the idea of angels having wings get borrowed from? Hmmm....
These questions were wonderful and I'm glad we took the time to research them. While they may seem trivial... I think it important because it's dealing with truth. It shows me that my children are thinking to test ideas... no matter how subtle the ideas are... in the light of Scripture. We have been learning a lot about how subtle ideas may be and they can slip past us if we don't test them to see if they are true according to the Word of God. If *trivial* things like how angels are presented slip past us... are there bigger things that slip past us just because the idea has been around for... centuries?

Have you ever pondered these things? What did you find in your research about them? 


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