Monday, September 9, 2013

Student Planner by Artsy Girl!

Hi, there! I'm Artsy Girl. I'm so excited about this school year; and I'm sure your kids are, too. :) 

Recently, I created a theme for and personalized a Plan It Out Right Homeschool Planner (Student Edition) to help fit your student's school year plan! Please read more about it from my mother and myself below!

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Student Planner Personalized by Artsy Girl
Hi Everyone! It's Heather jumping in here really quick to share with you about the features found within most of our planner designs:

It consists of:

  • A section for your student's educational plan (word study to develop an education focus for the school year; internal/external autobiography; character and interests; quarterly goal sheets; weekly responsibilities divided by quarters; quarterly learning plan and extended learning plan; sheets for resources by quarter
  • Plan It Out Right Monthly: A section for your monthly plans ( a 12 month calendar); a space to fill in projected tasks; a space for projected events; a space to jot down things your student needs to prepare for the month (book report, presentations, etc.)
  • Plan It Out Right Weekly: This is a weekly action plan spread to personalize your student's lesson plans (you can even personalize it by filling in the month, week, and quarter.) There is a space to jot down prayer requests, exercise goals and an "other" space.

    The rest of the spread offers space to jot down project goals to work on during the week; an area to track what they need to do to reach those goals (they can do this with heat mapping their energy levels!); a weekly overview for planned events/activities; a space for emergent tasks, a space for keep track of weekly memory work; and areas to check off their weekly goals, weekly responsibilties and for filing their schoolwork neatly.
  • Plan It Out Right Record Keeping: This section offers 12 field trip trackers; an Attendance Calendar; Reading Logs; Monthly Progress Reports (as recommended by the Noah Plan Curriculum... and a little extra added to it); Loaning and Lending Record Sheets; Important Dates; and a Correspondance Tracker

Hi! It's Artsy Girl again!

There's a bit more which I chose to have added to my planner: 
  • Doodle Notes: I wanted this section added to my planner because......... I imagine a lot, and I sketch my ideas; too. This is very handy. :) 
  • Mind Mapping space (for problem solving)
  • A fun Field Trip Journal consisting of a scrap booking and journal space. This is perfect for students to write out their experience. It's also a handy for reminder should they forget.  
This bird nest Planner is a GREAT tool to plan your student's year right!


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I hope this will bless you and your family. :)



  1. Dear Rosehaven (April in KY), thank you so much for the comment you left! I was trying to click on the link to reply but my mouse skipped and I ended up clicking on the link to delete the comment. Blogger didn't even give me an option to "double check" if I wanted to delete the comment or not. Please accept my sincerest apologies that your comment is no longer here.

    Thank you for signing up to receive updated posts. It is not evident to me what your e-mail address is on the subscription list. We would like to get you a copy of the free ebook student planner. If you would like a copy, please e-mail me at legacyguard at gmail dot com (I have to spell it out like that so I don't get spammed).

    Blessings to you,

  2. Hi Heather!
    I would love to receive the ebook planner. I am just now considering/researching the Principle Approach for my upcoming homeschool journey. (My son is almost 4) I had previously decided on a Charlotte Mason approach but love PA, though am very overwhelmed at the thought right now. :) Does the planner have room for "lesson planning"?? Thanks!!

  3. I don't know how to comment as other than anonymous, (above) but My name is Jeree. Thanks!!