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Review and Giveaway- Devotions From Torah

Have you ever studied through the Old Testament? Not just read through it, but studied it? 

I love studying the Bible as a whole book. Needless to say then that I enjoyed reading Devotions From Genesis: It's Not Just Ancient History and Devotions From Exodus: Learning To Live in Freedom Part One by Nicole Halbrooks Vaughn. Devotions From Exodus Part Two is in the making, and I am looking forward to reading that, too!

What I Appreciate About Nicole Halbrook Vaughn's Approach

Going through these devotions is much like sitting down with Nicole in conversation. I love her personal, transparent style as she shares her thoughts, experiences and personal spiritual growth. The questions she warmly asks her readers are to encourage her readers to reflect on their personal relationship with the Lord and to allow themselves to go through spiritual growth of their own.

I appreciate several of Nicole's insights. She eloquently goes through passages in the Bible and invites individuals to see personal parallels with the people and events we read of in the Bible. 

What I Love About the Devotions From Torah

I love that she reminds individuals that salvation for us through Jesus Christ does not mean that we can just go off to live life our own way. We were set free from the Law of Sin to freely serve our Creator God the way He wants us to.

I love that she brings Hebrew Words into the study. Going back to the Hebrew helps us to understand so much more of the Bible- the definitions are deeper than what he have in our English.

I love that Nicole comfortably refers to God by His various Sacred Names. This is something our family has been learning over the past couple of years and it's exhilarating to read His names in the Hebrew in a devotion. I believe this is important for us to learn in order for us to know God more fully. 

What You Can Expect of Devotions From Torah

In typical devotional style, passages of Scripture are read along with the author's voice. At the end of each section, there is a sample prayer. Some people prefer to say their own prayers as they are moved by the Holy Spirit, and this certainly can be done if one prefers.

The devotions are not dated, so this is nice for those who have more of a routine approach to life and education vs. a strict structure to follow. Those who would like a strict structure have room to jot in the dates they would like to study.

Among Nicole's friendly, conversational style are questions for self-reflection. Much of it is also something that I found we could go through with our children of various ages. I think the conversational flow helps us to do this.

Time with the Lord and being in His Word is precious. The evidence of this cannot be ignored whenever reading about persecution and bondage which Yahweh's people have suffered. ~One way to make the most out of these devotions is to have a notebook or special journal to record your thoughts, things you'd like to perhaps research further, to journal what the Holy Spirit gently guides you to... maybe even keep a family journal as you go on this journey through the Torah with your children.

In Devotions From Genesis, you will learn and reflect about:

  • Discovering the Character of God and Man in the Creation, the Fall, and the Flood (Gen. 1-11)
  • Discovering Faith and Obedience through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Gen. 12-36)
  • Discovering the comings of Christ and Trust in the Midst of Trial through the Life of Joseph (Gen. 37-50)   

In Devotions From Exodus, you will learn and reflect about:

  • Moses meets the I Am (Exodus 1-6)
  • The Plagues (Exodus 7-15:21)
  • Entering the Wilderness (Exodus 15:22-19)
  • The Giving of the Law (Exodus 20:1-16)

Depending on Where You Are At In Your Studies of the Torah...

You may be in a different place in your studies of the Torah regarding Sabbath and God's Laws. Still, there is much offered in these devotions.

Are Devotions From Torah a Fit For You?

Whether fresh to or well learned in the Old Testament studies, I think individuals will be blessed by these devotionals. I know I was!  

These are also something the whole family could do together. My husband and I are going to go through these with our family during our studies prior to bedtime. The portions are just long enough to keep their attention and explained in such a way that I believe most of our children {preschool through 8th grade} will be able to comprehend and dialog about them together.

Where Can I Buy the Paperback of Devotions From Torah?

It'd be a blessing to us at Principled Academy if you would purchase your copies through our Amazon affiliate links: Devotions From Genesis and Devotions From Exodus: Part One. Thank you!

The Giveaway!

December 5th- December 12th, 2013

Would you like your own PDF copy? Nicole Halbrooks Vaughn is generously giving 3 PDF copies of Devotions From Genesis and Devotions From Exodus Part One in a giveaway to 3 winners! Enter for your chance to win!




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  1. I love to study in His Word and would love to share this book with my church family so that they too can learn more about this wonderful book to buy for themselves as well.