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Review:, Yearly Membership Option

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has so much more to offer than just their magazine! For instance, have you ever taken advantage of their on-line classes by signing up for their Yearly Membership Option? Most on-line classes found in their school house are suitable for all ages. Even though teachers other than mom or dad are teaching, it still is parent-led education.

They offer a variety of classes for PreK/Elementary and Middle School/High School. I am really pleased with the options we have to choose from. A lot of the courses offered are more affordable for us via as opposed to utilizing individual activities offered to our local homeschool community. Check out the options!

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Our family is very new to, so we still have a lot of classes to participate in. However, we have begun with the Hands on Hebrew course. This class is suitable for all ages... much like a unit study approach. This is a great way for us to ease our family into the dynamics of on-line courses.

I really like that this course is taught by someone who loves what she teaches, and teaches what she loves! Another aspect that I love is that the teacher has known Hebrew since her youth and has lived in Israel; she is well versed in the language.

We have ended up supplementing this course a little with beginning Hebrew materials we obtained from our church {there is more on that later in this post}.

How We Plan to Use


Overall, we are using The Noah Plan Curriculum in our homeschool. However, as life happens there are times when it's beneficial to have another option available to help with the schooling {I can still teach Bible Principles which correspond with the on-line courses}. I appreciate still being able to oversee my children's education, that it is still a Christian-based education and that I know it is not publicly funded.

Middle School:

Scientist will be taking Chemistry, Computer Science and Pre-Algebra.

Artsy Girl will be enjoying Photography, Writing, and Pre-Algebra.

While there are less options for the PreK/Elementary grades, there are still choices within our children's interests:
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Elementary School:

Song Bird, Explorer and Dreamer will be taking the same classes: Figures in History, Home Economics, and Elementary Math. I think this will help them as we adjust to the newness of on-line classes. :)

As a Family...

We will still continue with the Hands on Hebrew classes. We're excited to add Filmmaking, Videomaking and Play Production. These are things we enjoy doing together and it'll be fun to learn more about them!

What I Like About


It offers Christian Curriculum!

It's flexible! Our homeschool operates according to a *routine design* vs. a rigid schedule. It's more structured according to how real life happens. So, I appreciate having the ability to have our kids sit down for their courses when it suits our schedule.

Let's face it. Sometimes a couple of our children aren't the most enthusiastic about accomplishing some of their lessons. Having something new, such as these on-line courses, to look forward to helps motivate them to learn their other lessons.

I have learned a lot from The Principle Approach method {and I still have a ton more to learn!}. Because of it, I have developed a love of learning for an academic subject which was not my favorite nor did it come easy to me. So, I love the help with this particular subject!! I was very pleased to see it listed!

Something We Are Getting Used To...


On-line courses are something we are just now participating in. This takes some getting used to! We are very much book people. We love to read and actually hold books in our hands while we do so. It's going to take some time for us to adjust to sitting in front of a computer screen for learning.

Something to Keep in Mind...


Some extra materials may be needed for some courses. For the Hands on Hebrew course, we used the usual paper and pencil supplies for lessons. However, I do need to have some craft materials available for the hands on projects for my Elementary grade children. Plus, there is the cost of ink for the printable sheets to take into consideration.

Be sure to look ahead so you can be prepared to supplement a course when/if you need to. One thing that has made the Hands on Hebrew course a bit challenging for us is that the method is a different approach to beginning Hebrew than what we had initially began with elsewhere. This course lends more toward developing vocabulary and becoming familiar with the alphabet. There really isn't much in the way of practicing transliterating and translating to help students advance to being able to read the Scriptures in Hebrew.

Get to Know a Little...

Video Tour

Sample Pages of Lessons

The Happy News Is...


You'll have access a variety of classes, The Old Schoolhouse On-line Magazine, past issues of The Old Schoolhouse magazines, planners, EXPO recordings, e-books, the Applecore on-line record keeping service and more... all for only $139 per family! One family, one fee! This is very happy news for many homeschool budgets! Learn more about benefits for members by visiting

$139 for the Yearly Membership Option

$12.95 for the Monthly Membership Option ($3 the first month)
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My experience as a homeschool mom has taught me that we have seasons in our homeschools. Sometimes, we are in a season when we could sure welcome some extra help. Won't you consider letting aid you in your season, too?

Please leave a comment about how you think may bless your homeschool.



  1. Great review Heather! {Victoria - Homemaking With Heart}

  2. Lovely review! I've used Hands on Hebrew in the past and I love that it is included on the site! I like how you included your little "Somethings." Great job! ~Michelle G. from the Crew.

    1. Hi, Michelle! Thank you for stopping by and for the wonderful feedback! :)

  3. What a great review! The Hebrew study looks really interesting. I'm not used to learning online either. I much prefer books in my and my kiddos hands. And you are so right to point out that the cost of printing off the activity sheets will definitely add up with how expensive printer ink can be.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog today. It made my day!
    ~Leah from Ponderings From My Heart

  4. Hi Heather Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Great review also. Lots of neat stuff on your blog I look forward to exploring it more.

    To answer your questions about the Hanukkah art we just substituted it ourselves with that theme instead of Christmas. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas but, we are believers in Jesus. Messianic Believers who do the Bible Feast and traditions. We just naturally changed it to something we do instead.

    As far as Hebrew if you go to my blog I have reviews on two curriculum. I love both programs but I really like the Cap IT! Hebrew. Its under Hebrew on the tabs.

    1. Thank you, Renee and thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

      I like how you modified the theme. That's a fine idea! Perhaps this and more will be offered in the future through

      I'll check out your reviews on the Hebrew curricula. It's just amazing what we learn from studying the Scriptures in Hebrew!

      We would be considered Messianic Believers in that sense, too, then. If you would like to connect, please e-mail me from my *Contact Us* tab at the top of the blog.