Monday, December 2, 2013

Scripture Lullabies Vol. 1 and 2- Review and Giveaway!

Scripture Lullabies has been such a blessing and answer to prayer for me. I'm excited to share with you today about how Hidden In My Heart Volumes 1 and 2 have been a gift to our family!

Super sleepy Super Busy.

As many of you know, we learn Bible Principles in our daily homeschool lessons. Our little ones typically spend time around us as we read and discuss the days' studies. This fulfills a portion of my desire to cover our children with the Holy Word of God as Deuteronomy 11:19 teaches us to:

In addition to learning Bible Principles in lessons, we have our family Bible study and prayer time before bed. However, I love the idea of our children drifting off to slumber while hearing the Word.

It's probably not a surprise to any of us that Webster's 1828 Dictionary defines the word lullaby as "A song to quiet babes; that which quiets." 

While Scripture Lullabies are soft and gentle, it's my opinion that they are for people of all ages. When we look up the word quiet, v.t. in Webster's 1828 Dictionary, we read: "To stop motion; to still; to reduce to a state of rest..." 

Looking up the key word, still, we learn from Webster's 1828 Dictionary: "To stop; as motion or agitation; to check or to restrain; to make quiet; as, to still the raging sea."

Stillness amongst our busy lives? Yes! The gentle, relaxing and professional qualtiy music by Scripture Lullabies is another means to help us be still... to meditate on Scripture.

How Scripture Lullabies Helps Our Kids

It soothes and quiets our babe, Super Busy.  It has helped Super Busy to slow down and rest for naps and bedtime. Keep in mind that this is our littlest guy, whom I'm speaking about. Generally, he doesn't like to go to sleep when everyone else is up and about because he doesn't want to miss out on anything. Naturally, I am thankful this music helps! Plus, it feels good knowing that while his siblings are learning Scripture during their lessons as he naps, he is listening to Scripture as he sleeps.

This music is profoundly peaceful. Our older children drift off into a restful, sound sleep. Most often, they are very chatty at bedtime. And most other lyrical worship music is too fast paced for bedtime. Scripture Lullabies don't have the *typical lullaby* sound to them and our older children don't feel *too old* for the lyrics/music because, well, they are all Scriptures put to orchestral music! 

We've also listened to Scripture Lullabies during the day when some much appreciated downtime is needed. It helps to set the tone and shift the atmosphere to a more tranquil mood.

How Scripture Lullabies Helps Adults

Now, let's talk about us adults. It's true for many of us that we are challenged with being still. Is it not? There is always so much to do, we battle trying to take captive every thought, or maybe we are facing *raging seas* of our own. When listening to Scripture Lullabies, we are also blessed. Sometimes, relaxing music helps us too... and how much more beneficial is it to us to meditate on Scripture songs at the same time?

Be uplifted and encouraged, Friends! Won't you enjoy the following sample?

The release of Hidden In My Heart: Volume 3 is coming soon! I'm looking forward to listening to it, too!!

A Shared Heart for Children and the Value of Life

Aside from the music, another aspect I love and appreciate about Scripture Lullabies is that one out of every ten Hidden In My Heart CDs is donated to Pregnancy Resource Centers around the country! They strongly support the efforts of these centers. 

Makes a Great Gift!


Expectant parents, a lovely family you know, or even your local pregnancy center would be blessed by Hidden In My Heart music. 

Whenever you purchase a CD, you can rest assured that you are helping to bring the Word of God in music to mothers and their babies who find help via Pregnancy Resource Centers. A lot of expectant mothers are frightened because of their circumstances, and Hidden In My Heart music may bring peace to their hearts as they listen to the truths of Scripture. Maybe the mother will listen as she contemplates keeping her baby. Maybe she will delight in the musical hug she receives from the warmth of Scripture while she hugs her newborn baby. What a comfort to know you will be reaching out in such a loving and beneficial way to these families!

You can purchase Hidden In My Heart Volume 1 here and you can purchase Hidden In My Heart Volume 2  {these are my amazon affiliate links}.

The Scripture Lullabies Giveaway!

I'm SO excited that Scripture Lullabies is generously offering a giveaway! There will be two winners for this giveaway! I know that whoever wins will be blessed!

You can enter this giveaway for a chance to win one Hidden In My Heart Scripture Lullabies CD.  Winners will receive their choice of volume or whether you’d like a CD copy or digital downloads.

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  1. This will be a wonderful gift and present to young mothers. If I win this, I would prefer in CD format.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway contest!

  2. I would love this for either my baby or my toddler. My kids always listen to something at bedtime! How wonderful to have Scripture for them to listen to!

  3. We are always looking for soothing, peaceful music that does not sound so 'lullaby-ish'.I think this would be perfect for us!.

  4. hope to win for my nephew who is due in January. thanks!

  5. I would like to share this with my new grandson.