Monday, March 17, 2014

The Lord's Spring Feasts Are Nearly Upon Us!

We wrapped up winter with a meaningful time during the minor Jewish Feast of Purim. I think it interesting how this minor Bible Feast about deliverance takes place leading up to the major Bible Feasts pertaining to mankind's deliverance from sin through Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah).

And now... now the Lord's Spring Feasts are nearly upon us!

Do you know that Passover during the Exodus was a foreshadow of Yeshua's crucifixion? I didn't learn that while growing up. Did you?

Do you know that Passover is about Yeshua's crucifixion, that the Feast of Unleavened Bread is about His burial, and that First Fruits is about His resurrection? And 40 days after His resurrection is Pentecost when the Holy Spirit (the Ruach HaKodesh in Heberew) was upon believers.

These are the Lord's Spring Feasts, instituted by Him and observed by the Israelites (mainly the Jews as they walk in obedience to Yahweh). They are found in Leviticus 23.

Why haven't we learned this all these years?! Why haven't Christians been celebrating Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread and First Fruits?! Why are we so disconnected in many facets from what the Bible teaches us? When serving the same God as the Jews, why are we doing things so opposite from them? I'm not talking about the rabbinical oral traditions/laws, I'm talking about Yahweh's Instructions (translated as laws in most of our Bibles).

We are learning so much from our pastor as he teaches about the Hebrew culture. He is explaining the how, the why, and the timing of things which took place leading up to Yeshua's crucifixion. He's teaching us from Hebrew language word studies and context. It is... I just don't have words to explain how wonderful it is to understand these things.

None of these things are *new revelations* or *mysteries*. They are just the facts but we have missed them for several reasons: 1) we are not aware of the Hebrew culture; 2) we have not been taught how to examine the Scriptures from the original languages; 3) we tend to listen to a sermon and then get on with life vs. giving our attention to the Bible for ourselves; 4) we have not learned and /or understood the Hebrew mindset; 5) sometime we just plain haven't cared; 6) we've been content with where we are at and don't want to be budged.

I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled to be able to grow in the knowledge of Yahweh! Who is He, this Elohim (God) that I love and serve? I'm thankful for the opportunity. I'm thankful that He patiently and lovingly guides us through His word to teach us about Him. I'm thankful that we have individual, personal relationships with Him. I I'm hungry and thirsty for more! How about you?

This post is terribly short, but I want to give you a little prelude to what several of my blog posts will be about. It's all very exciting and I hope you will join me on this journey of learning more about our Savior and growing in the knowledge of Yahweh, our Heavenly Father!



  1. How exciting! I love everything I learn about Jesus in the feasts. It helps me understand so much more!

    1. Hi Theresa! I agree! There is so much to learn about Jesus in the feasts. So much points to Him! :)

  2. Hi Heather!
    We emailed back and forth briefly last year about Hebrew Roots. (I'm on the bible principles yahoo group) We keep the feasts and the Sabbath and are trying to start our own home fellowship due to the amount of "curious" people we've had asking us about why we do what we do. I know you mentioned that you went through the FFOZ course with your group but we've had some concerns about a possible shift in theology of the ministry. Mainly that they think you need to convert to Judaism to follow Torah or something along those lines. Can you tell me if they teach anything like that in that course? We need a strong foundation to build on and that study looks really good but I want to make sure it is sound before sharing it with new people!! Thank you so much for any input. You can email me directly

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      It's good to hear from you. :-) The only FFOZ course we went through was the HaYesod study. They did not mention in that particular course that one needs to convert to Judaism. And I don't know if that is something they believe; sorry I can't be of help in confirming it either way.

      I'll contact you privately for more information. :-)