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Review: Captivated DVD {Media Talk 101}

Is media running your life? With media almost every which way we look (cell phones, computers, television, gaming... arghhhhhh!), do you wonder how much is too much?  This is a topic I am blessed to explore with our children as Phillip Telfer of Media Talk 101 takes us through his discerning documentary, Captivated DVD.  As a TOS Crew member, I did receive a copy of Captivated on DVD in exchange for my honest review. I hope that after you read this post, you will view this documentary with your children; I believe it may be worth your time to help your family discern the use of media.

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Who Is Media Talk 101?

Media Talk 101 is a non-profit Christian organization that helps families to have discernment when it comes to the use of the plethora of media options. They desire to help people consider the types of themes, content, and amount of personal time invested in the use of media and how it may affect their families.


What is Captivated DVD About?

Do you take time to look at media through a Biblical lens? Is media drawing you closer to God/Yahweh... or getting in the way? Captivated is a full-length documentary which takes a genuine look at the effects that cell phones, television, computers, gaming and social media may have on families. It is not an anti-media or anti-technology film.

It begins with the history of media (very interesting information!) and leads up to today's technology and then moves into scientific information and personal experiences from every-day people. 

Phillip Telfer, the producer, isn't just giving his opinion on this topic; areas of mental, physical, spiritual and relationship health are addressed by doctors, experts, pastors, and individuals with powerful testimonies about how they have surmounted their personal addictions with media.

Here are just a few of the people you can expect to learn from:

Ray Comfort, Kevin Swanson, K.P. Yohannan, Dr. David Walsh, Maggie Jackson, Dr. Dimitri Christakis, and more.
Throughout the documentary, the concept of going on a media fast is weaved as individuals share their personal struggles with the use of media. Since our family is not big on media anyway, we did not need to go through the suggested fast. It may a good challenge for people who are constantly watching television, on the computer, texting, gaming and/or on social media tons.

How We Used Captivated DVD in Our Homeschool:



Our family can relate to Pastor Phillip Telfer's family; we have one television (not hooked up to an antenna and no cable), we don't use it often and when we do it is with select films. By choice, I do not have a smart phone; it's a regular phone for necessary calls. Our children do not have social media accounts or their own phones yet, but they know how to use them. Computer use is very limited to about two hours a week- primarily because of on-line math, science and music lessons. Why? Because we are all too aware of the major problem of...


media discernment

If we parents aren't careful to keep the tools of media in check for ourselves, the seeds of media addiction may very well likely spread and grow in the hearts of our children. Remember, they emulate what they see us do.

Throughout viewing the DVD and afterwards, we discussed different talking points. To begin with, we define the word, captive. I think it's important to as it helps to illuminate the subject:

Webster's 1828 Dictionary:
Captivate, verb transitive

1. To take prisoner; to seize by force; as an enemy in war.
2. To subdue; to bring into bondage.
3. To overpower and gain with excellence or beauty; to charm; to engage the affections; to bind in love.
4. To enslave; with to; as, captivated to error.
CAPTIVATE, adjective Taken prisoner.

Prior to viewing the documentary, we restated the question of "What captivates you?":
"What enslaves you?"
"What are you a prisoner to?" 
"What... or who consumes your time?" 
"Are there better ways to spend our lives?" 

My Opinion on a Few Key Points:

media discernment

Aside from the above concern about television {and all media sources really} making real life seem boring, the increasing indecent themes and content within films and cartoons is something we desire to shield our children from. Do you, too? It's important to guard our thought life and our hearts. The old saying rings true, "garbage in, garbage out". As a man thinks, he will be. How can we be transformed by the renewing of our minds if we are exposing ourselves purposefully and carelessly to sinful themes/content?

Media Talk 101

Have you been attentive to the subtleties of this? Have you shrugged it off?

We had purchased a DVD of The Adventures of Clutch Powers (a Lego film). What could be more innocent than a Lego film? We were disappointed with some subtle things tossed in this *family film suited for kids*. One of the main characters is a blonde gal who happens to be wearing a red outfit that suggests tightly fitting attire (white curved lines for a shapely figure) and indications of cleavage revealed. In addition, there is a scene where the little Lego gal falls on top of one of the male characters- implications of inappropriate thoughts are present.

As we listened to people who saw the latest Lego film which came out in theaters recently (whatever its name is), we were disappointed that there is a scene where a male character is getting dressed and walks out without pants on. He realizes it and then goes back in the house and walks out properly attired for public appearance. 

Sound ridiculous to you that we would find this concerning? Well, we find ourselves asking, "Why? Why would adults creating films for kids do these things? What's their intent? What's the whole point?" They are subtle things, but they build upon each other. And bit by bit, kids are exposed to more and more sinful adult themed content in media throughout their lives.

I remember being shocked when watching one of the Toy Story films (I can't recall which one). But the animators had Mr. Potato Head, who is portrayed as married, flirting with and lusting after Stewardess Barbie. And the point of placing that before children's eyes is....???

Once people can laugh at sin... they can begin to accept it.

We personally do not desire our children to entertain ungodly thoughts. Thereby, as petty as it may seem to some others, we do not want to exposes our kids to trashy content... no matter how *innocently* it may be portrayed in a film claiming to be family friendly. How are themes and content of such bringing glory to Yahweh and how is feeding our minds with it bringing us closer to Him? The answer is simple, they don't.

media family

The statistics are staggering. 

What kind of an impersonal and desensitized communities are our families beginning to face today- even within the body of Jesus/Yeshua? If believers become numb to sinfulness and desensitized to violence, who will there be to reach out to a hurting world? 
We've been pondering a little. Can we, the body of Jesus/Yeshua, be going more about our Father's business? How much time is wasted on media when we could be witnessing to others, reaching out to other believers, ministering to people, actively helping those in need, etc?

When family and I were out in Vegas to say good-bye to a dying family member, it was traumatic. We were hurting deeply. It was advised that we get out for a bit... clear our minds from the stress of being with this precious relative as she was passing away. Where do you go in Vegas? Since most of what Vegas has to offer doesn't suit our lifestyle, the options are pretty limited. We ended up driving to the old part of Vegas to get a little something to send my children (I missed them!). There, amidst the flashy lights and lustful things of the world, were two men standing outside the entrance of the mall strip (for lack of a better description). One was holding a large wooden cross and another was handing out Gospel tracts. What a beautiful sight. How wonderful to see the true light of Christ outshining the flashy signs and buildings trimmed with moving lights! We had to go over and talk with these brothers in Jesus our Messiah. They ministered to us and prayed with us as we shared the hurt we were experiencing. I am so thankful! I am so thankful that they weren't plopped on the couch watching television. I'm so thankful they weren't standing there on their cell phones texting or engaged in some other way. They were there going about our Father's business. 

How different would it be if believers unplugged more and went about our Father's business as they did?

I think it's important to listen to the counsel given in this film and to consider it. They aren't necessarily saying, "Never use media!" but they are saying, "Use it in moderation and with discernment."

What I Like About Captivated by Media Talk 101:

  • Scientific research exposes the serious concerns about what takes place with individuals physically, mentally and emotionally due to media,
  • Spiritual concerns are addressed- is media drawing you closer to God? Is it replacing His status in your life? Are you as preoccupied with growing in the knowledge of God as you are with media?
  • The effects media has on relationships is addressed.
  • It helps people to think through and be discerning about how much time they devote to media.
  • It has helped our children to better see the reasoning and wisdom behind limiting access to media.
  • I like the emphasis of discernment and the encouragement for people to keep in the forefront of their minds, "Is this something that will glorify our God/Yahweh?". 

Somethings I Would Like to See...

  • A sequel with follow up on the results of researches being conducted by some of the featured people interviewed (especially the one by The Parents Television Council).
  • Also, a sequel containing encouragement for believers to spend their redeemed time with witnessing and building up the body. Interviews with people doing so and ways their families have found to work together in these various areas.  
  • I'd like to know opinions and research regarding the use of media in education.
  • More people viewing Captivated the Movie.
  • Less people being captivated by media.

I believe that Captivated has serious potential to help revolutionize the placement media has in most people's lives today.

Who Is Captivated DVD Intended For?

This product is intended for adults, however, it has been approved for all ages. Some parents may appreciate knowing that the word *s_x* is mentioned. Nothing descriptive- it's brought up briefly because of the concerns for animated films claiming to be for children. So, heads up if you want to take this into consideration when deciding if you want your children to view it with you. 

What Is Included with Captivated DVD?

Scene selections are available.
There are "Bonus Features" which included: the movie trailer;  Gospel for Asia; interviews; and some words from the producer.
Spanish subtitles.
English closed captioning.



Captivated DVD addresses the social concerns many people are having of media excellently! It has received:

2013 Gold Crown Award for Best Documentary at the International Christian Visual Media Conference
2013 Best Documentary at the GloryReelz Christian Film Festival
2013 Official Selection at the Midwest Christian Inspirational Indie Film Festival
2012 Best Documentary Runner-Up at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival
2012 Best of Festival Finalist at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

How Much Captivated DVD Costs:

The DVD of Captivated is $16.95 (free shipping). In addition, right now there is a special offer going on: if you order 2 DVDs, you get the second one for only $5! The second copy would be great for your church or homeschool library... or to giveaway to someone else!

You can find a study guide and more packages and prices at Captivatedthemovie.com.  

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