Monday, May 26, 2014

In God/Yahweh's Timing

A while back I had mentioned that Cool Daddy was continuing his education. He already had two degrees and decided to go higher up.

He actually began continuing his education a few years back... but circumstances arose that interfered with him completing his last.semester.

I did not handle it as well as he did. 

Nope. I was rather quite upset.

But Yahweh knew. He knew.

During that gap, we were scheduling field trips for our local homeschool community; we were led to run a homeschool co-op; for part of the time we ran two separate groups; part of the time we did an art outreach with a retirement home. It was fun, challenging, at times it was exhausting, and we learned a lot through these experiences. Something would had to have bent if he was taking classes then.

Super Busy was also born (he was a joyful surprise). We were blessed with Cool Daddy being able to focus on our son and enjoying the transition 100% with the rest of our family. :-)

We lost a loved one... and that was emotionally draining for us. I ended up traveling out of state to say good-bye. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to say good-bye one last time and to hold this precious loved one's hand one last time. It was very difficult to be away from Cool Daddy and our children for this period of time. But it was a time in which my family and I were ministered to. And that's okay. There are seasons to minister... and seasons to be ministered. If Cool Daddy was taking classes at this time, it would have been much harder on our family.

There are many other things that took place. Some wonderful. Some growing pains. Some that I wish didn't happen at all. Some that I wouldn't change for anything.

But it was a season full of growth for us in so many ways.

When we learned that now is the time for him to finish his last semester, we were floored with joy even though we found ourselves to be busier. We're still running a homeschool co-op. I joined the The Old Schoolhouse Crew. We have some life transitions taking place. And our family schedule has been a bit out of rhythm. All of the adjusting is worth it though.

The best thing of all, is that during this *gap*, Cool Daddy was growing and maturing in his relationship with God/Yahweh, and this equipped him for the theology classes he was taking. It is neat to read the comments from his professors. It's exciting, as his bride, to sit and observe his personal areas of growth in so many ways. I'm thankful.

And now, Cool Daddy is officially graduated. He has worked hard and it has paid off. He has excellent grades. And it's something he has wanted to accomplish. I'm happy for him.

The most exciting current news in our lives? We are expecting another child- all in Yahweh's timing! Due to this I have needed to cut back on blogging for a while and I need to step away from being a part of the TOS Crew team (on my end I need to do this for a time). I have a few more reviews that I am committed to seeing through and then I will blog as I am able to- I'm especially hoping to post Word Study Wednesday posts again. I hope you all keep on following my blog; I appreciate each and every one of you! 




  1. Congratulations to all!! Seasons are wonderful some when they're coming and some when they're going. :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved one's Heather. Praise YAHWEH. Great to hear everything is occuring in His timing. Congratulations on your New Baby and Cool Daddy's accomplisments. Are you back to Blogging? I'm available should you need assistance.

    I also homeschool and will be writing for our kids Virtual School. Your post is encouraging to me as we have been going through seasons also and it's amazing to know, what we thought to be a negative situation is working out for our good. Just like our Heavenly Father promised. *Love, Rose*