Thursday, September 24, 2015

Planning My Principle Approach® School Year- Part 3

Not too long ago, the Foundation for American Christian Education held a "Renewing the Mind" summer training course. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to attend on-line. 

(Did you catch Part 1 and Part 2?)

How I'm Encouraged and Inspired:

A Few Things I Learned:

As you probably know, I have several children and several books from F.A.C.E. and not so much in the way of several hours to pour over every detail of each book. So, some areas of understanding have not been as strong for me as others.

  • I now have a better understanding about teaching reading and how to use different reading strategies.

  • I better understand how to apply the reading strategies with the Bible as a Reader. 

  • Why we use Word Study vs. RIGGS

Beneficial Tips for Me:

  • Use tabs on the Curriculum Guides for quick reference of where to find content.

  • How to better incorporate oral reading and inflection in our lessons.

  • How to effectively group kids together for reading (which helps with co-ops, maybe literature clubs, and I think for families with multiple kids). 

Midst daily life responsibilities, the joy of family and friends, and celebrating Yahweh's/God's Fall Feasts, I'm plugging away at the curriculum for this school year. I'm nearly ready to debut the first quartet lessons. I find that I can offer bits and pieces at a time vs. the whole curriculum at once as I was hoping. That's okay. I'm doing what I can as I'm able to. :-)

I do have an upcoming surprise for those who plan on using these lessons! I'm looking forward to introducing you to a special person and how he is sharing his gifts and talents to bless you!

Blessings upon you and yours as you pursue our Heavenly Father's will for your family and grow in Him and ever closer to our Messiah Yahshua.


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