Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

There is much to be thankful for, isn't there? 

As I look around the home we have been blessed with by our Heavenly Abba... I'm thankful. 

Is it a blessing to have a roof over our heads, walls to keep the wind and rain from us, and beds to sleep in? Yes.

More than that, it's a blessing to have the love, joy, and relationships that fill our home. 

Even beyond that, is the blessing of having our own copies of Bibles in our home. Myself, my husband... our children.

I love seeing my children reading the word of Yahweh. I love that they are learning about Him and His ways and His love for them and for the whole world.

Our Heavenly Father is amazing! His ways are so much higher than man's!

I'm thankful for Messiah Yahshua/Jesus. I'm thankful that the Apostle Paul and other believers traveled westward to teach about Messiah and the Good News. I'm thankful for all the people throughout history who helped to preserve the Scriptures. I'm thankful for the Separatists/Pilgrims who sought Yahweh's will for their lives-- that they endeavored to set aside the doctrines of men and to diligently seek Him. I'm thankful that they helped to spread the Good News even further westward. And there is much thanks for the Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims survive and learn how to live in a new-to-them-world...

I'm thankful to be able to write curriculum for my children-- to teach them how to go to the  Scriptures, like the Bereans, to see if it is so.

I'm thankful for you, my brothers and sisters in Messiah, who love Him and seek Him. How amazing to be a part of His Story in the roles that He has given us. Together, we are the hands and feet of Messiah-- even when we may not live remotely close to each other. 

I hope your Thanksgiving Day is blessed and that your hearts may continually give thanks to our loving Heavenly Abba for all His goodness... ten thousand reasons that your hearts can find!


Have you seen the recent post by The Foundation For American Christian Education? Here's a link to their article on "The True Story of the First Thanksgiving." Enjoy!

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