Thursday, July 19, 2012

Being Self-Governed

The Noah Plan
 History Quarter 1, Week 1

Is your child learning about Christian Self-Government? I cannot express how much gratitude I have for The Noah Plan Kindergarten curriculum introducing my children to this Biblical Principle. How blessed to be able to cultivate this Biblical Principle in them at such tender years.

What is Christian Self-Government? What does it mean? Why is it so important? Don't all Christians have that? If so, why teach it? Watch this (approx.) 9 minute clip to learn more. Then read on about this week's history lesson regarding Christian Self-Government and download your free notebooking page for this week's lesson. :)

One of the ways for making this concept tangible for my young darlings is to have them sign a simple *classroom constitution.* I did this with our older children when they were at this stage (we actually do this every year) and it has given them the opportunity to *own* their learning. You will find this in the front of all of The Noah Plan curricula books.

In The Noah Plan curricula, the Classroom Constitution explains the purpose and goal of such a document; it explains the rules governing conduct; it has an *Agreement* section which the parent and child sign. 

To get an idea of what a Classroom Constitution looks like, download a free copy of my modified version here. The copy for the parents/teachers found in The Noah Plan is more detailed with the specifics (which I think is necessary and helpful).

Download the free notebooking page which corresponds with this week's lesson in your Noah Plan curriculum. (Cut and Paste Version) 


Download the free notebooking page with space for you child to draw in his/her ideas. 

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    1. That is so uplifting to know! Thank you, Bethany! :)

  2. Thank You...Thank you!! Your posts have been an amazing blessing to my family.

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