Friday, July 20, 2012

Geography's Secrets

The Noah Plan Week 1, Quarter 1

We all know that we study Geography so we can learn about the earth, locations, and peoples, right? Right.

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But did you know that the subject of Geography has a secret? I'm pretty sure most of us don't know it. I'm telling you that there is so much more to this subject than meets the eye. And I'm learning about it while reading in The Noah Plan History and Geography Guide. Would you like to know what it is? Let me share a little about what I have learned so far!

First, we have to become aware about how so many of the subjects have become grouped together into topics and the why behind it (think Social Studies, Language Arts, Etc.). 
"By removing Geography as a distinct subject, the students do not study God's world, they study the world of man." (Rosalie J. Slater, T & L, p. 141).
Let that sink in for a moment. 

Did you catch the secret? While most of us have been learning and teaching Geography as a collective subject, it really is  an individual subject and it gives testimony to our Creator when taught as such.

You see, when we study Geography as an individual subject, we learn that it is a revelation of God the Creator. We see and acknowledge his handiwork. We become knowledgeable about His purposes in Christ (Psalm 19:1 and Acts 17:26). Are our children being taught this in their curricula? Do you think it's important that they do? How important?

Not using The Noah Plan curriculum? No problem! You can purchase The Noah Plan History and Geography Guide so you can learn about these Bible principles and apply them to your current curriculum.

Studying Geography as an individual subject and across other subjects teaches us the defense of the Bible as it relates to science. After all, there is a purpose for everything He created. Check out my post on Earthquakes and Volcanoes to see what I mean. I can't wait to learn more!

That's all information for you, the parent/teacher. For your child, here's your free downloadable notebooking sheet for this lesson in The Noah Plan Kindergarten curriculum.

Did you learn something new? Did this notebooking page bless you? Please leave a comment. 



  1. Did you stop using The Noah Plan and opt for MFW instead? You seem so much more excited in the NP posts!

    1. I'm using the NP with my younger ones.

      I decided to use MFW with my older ones this year because there aren't any other NP families in my area (that I know of) and I was hoping to connect more with other MFW families in my area. Also, I wanted to be able to show how the Principle Approach could be applied no matter what curriculum* one is using.

      I know I have lost some rhythm to my blogging... we had some celebrations come up and so I took some time off. I'm looking at taking some time this week to plan posts in advance and get back on track. :)