Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's HIS Story!

The Noah Plan Week 2, Quarter 1

When you think of remembering God, and His Ways, and His Word... do you think only of the past events which are specifically recorded in the Bible?

Isn't all of history His Story?

Just think of God's work in your own life. In part, it's something this lesson requires us to share with our children for this week. In fact, this is something we should be sharing with them daily. Don't you think so, too? I mean more than just what has happened throughout your past. I mean today throughout the day. Are we saying, "Do you know what God has done for me today?" or "This is what I have seen God do today!" How are we helping our children develop those eyes to see God's Providential Hand at work in our family's lives?

Mark Hamby with Lamplighter Publishing uses a game with his kids called Sighting! You can read about it at his blog. This just may be a useful and fun way to help our kids keep alert for evidence of God being near. What do you think? Will you try this game on a regular basis with your children, too?

For You to Do:

In preparation for this lesson found in The Noah Plan Kindergarten Curriculum, you read a bit in The Noah Plan History and Geography Curriculum Guide (this guide and all of the others may be purchased at our store).

Defining the word *history* and its key words in Webster's1828 Dictionary helps us to greater understand the meaning of the word. This is already done for us in the guide but you can do the work yourself if you wish by using Webster's 1828 Dictionary for free online.

The Noah Plan's History and Geography Curriculum Guide is a key resource for any homeschool, regardless of the curriculum you use. It will help you to teach and learn God's Providential hand in the lives of men and nations throughout history. I have found the information for this lesson to be enlightening- from defining history and providence to understanding more about the Founding Fathers' view of history. Why does this matter in the study of American History? Because it better helps us to understand our liberties and how they are rooted in the Bible.

Download your student's free notebooking page.

Blessings to You!

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