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A Yielding Heart- Literature

The Noah Plan Week 2, Quarter 1

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Is your heart yielded to God?

This week's literature lesson from The Noah Plan Kindergarten curriculum teaches on what it means to have a heart yielded to God. We also cover the individuality of King David, the author of  the Psalms. We talk about how King David had a heart yielded to God which gave him the ability to express praise and thanksgiving through his poetryIt's pretty amazing to think of teaching this to a Kindergartner, huh? I'm so delighted to be giving our children this foundation at such an early age.

What is one way that you express praise and thanksgiving to God? I love to express them in many ways but especially through visual art.

For the Teacher:

My preparation work (and yours too if you are using this curriculum) is to read pages 73-76 in The Noah Plan Literature Guide (you can find it at my store).

I'm enjoying what I'm learning. The Bible contains literary forms of expression and we're covering Psalm 100 with our children because this is where the lyric poetry of the Bible is found.

I liked reading this portion because it causes one to think about individuality:
"We know that they acted with perfect individuality, and that each man's message was colored by the complexion of his own mind... The Book of God is like a beautiful garden, where all the flowers grow upon the same soil and are watered from the same heaven, but each has its own unique colors, forms, fragrance, and individuality." ~A. B. Simpson (Teaching and Learning, Slater, 1965, p. 154)
And that's how it is with each of our lives. Isn't it? Each of us, with our hearts yielded to God, are able to express praise and thanksgiving in our own unique ways. Which in turn reaches other people. Think of the numbers of people who have been reached by King David's poetry over the centuries.

I also appreciate reading the reasons why we begin studying poetry with the Psalms. I am learning a lot about Psalm 23 from The Noah Plan Literature Guide. I hadn't learned how to analyze the internal and external message in it. Had you? If you don't know how to, I highly recommend you order this guide.
We are to learn about sheep and shepherds in addition to the lesson content. I found a nice sermon on this topic at this website. *You may want to research and see if you can find a sheep farm in or near your area. We took a field trip to one a short while back and we learned a lot!

For the Student:

Download your free notebooking page which goes with this lesson.


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