Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jesus' Parents Prepared Him- Bible

The Noah Plan
Bible Week 3, Quarter 1

In this week's lesson we go through Scripture and learn many things about Jesus' early years.

I wonder how many of the aspects covered in this lesson are overlooked when reading these passages about Jesus' early years.

I appreciate so much learning about the parenting model of Mary and Joseph and how they prepared Jesus to serve God. I really feel like this portion is meant more for me, the mother, than it is for my children. :)

This lesson reminds me of how important my role is in teaching my children by my side. It encourages me to be intentional in preparing them with Bible ways and in their gifts and talents for serving God. In turn, I see how it helps my children to see how important it is to be discipled by their parents and to take ownership of their gifts and talents.

We also study about what He learned in school and from His days in the carpenter shop. I think these are key points to take away from this passage of Scripture that we study. I think it's important to pay attention to what our Savior learned in His education and for us to see the character traits He exhibited as a child. Why? Because why would anything less be required of us- His followers?

Download your free notebooking page for this week's lesson:

This one has the title to trace and then an area to draw a picture.

This one has the title to trace, pictures to cut and paste and a place to write what Jesus learned.


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