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Earth's Individuality- Geography

The Noah Plan Week 3, Quarter 1

It can be easy to take what we know about the earth for granted and at a surface level. We all know earth is different from the other planets and that its the only one which is designed to support life. 

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What about the purposes of different continents? Why are there so many? What is individualized about them? For instance, it's interesting to consider the course of history and how...
"The first glance we cast upon the annals of the nations, enables us to perceive a singular but incontestable fact, that the civilizations representing the highest degree of culture ever attained by man, at the different periods of history, do not succeed each other in the same places, but pass from one country to another, from one continent to another, following a certain order. This order may be called the geographical march of history. We now proceed to set this forth by a rapid review of the great phases through which human societies have passed in their gradual improvement...." Arnold Guyot The Earth and Man; Teaching and Learning America's Christian History.
Had you ever considered such an idea? What are some examples of this? I'll share two observations from Teaching and Learning America's Christian History:

1. Asia is the Continent of Origins,
2. Europe is the Continent of Development

For You the Parent to Do:

The reading we do in the Teaching and Learning America's Christian History book helps us to understand more about how Geography is an individualized subject. It's not so much that we will teaching these details at this time to our kindergartners. However, if you take a unit study approach to it with your older ones (which is what I do), you can definitely pull information from these readings for this lesson for your older ones to learn. Regardless, my personal education is taking place as I read; learning the purposes and foundations draws me closer to God. Also, when there is purpose behind something. I know I tend to be more motivated in spending my time wisely with it. If I'm going to teach Geography, I know I want my children to be learning more about God because of it.

There is an explanation for each continent regarding their purposes, their similarities, their differences and it gives us pause to consider how these elements reflect our Creator God. Are you seeing how Geography, as an individualized subject, teaches us more about God and the purposes behind how and why he created the earth in the way that He did?

For Your Child to Do:
We haven't unpacked everything from our move yet, so somewhere I have a box of books which contains my Beginning Geography book by  Jo Ellen Moore. So I made this notebooking page to use in lieu of it.

Download your free notebooking page about maps and globes.

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