Saturday, August 4, 2012

Science Gem- The Lost Squadron Experiment

Isn't it a gem when you catch glimpses of your kids applying reasoning skills? It's moments like this that make my heart swell with joy. I love seeing how the foundations of Scripture through the Principle Approach® method of teaching emerge. Seeing the love of learning expressed when our children come up with ideas like this and go for it is such an encouragement! 

Our oldest was reading an older copy of a Creation magazine from Answers in Genesis that was passed on to us a while back. (I'm so thankful for this little stack! You know how extras like this aren't always in the budget?)

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 He was reading the article about The Lost Squadron. The article shares about how the general public has the impression that it takes thousands of years for just a few meters of glacial ice to buildup.  

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Inspired by this article, our son decided to try an experiment. He darted into the room I was in, shared about what he read and pleaded, "Mom! Can I please try this experiment that I thought of?!!" I smiled and nodded and he quickly gathered up the materials he needed.

What He Used: 

a clear plastic cup,
choice Lego pieces,
the freezer 

What He Did:

He began with about a 1/4 cup of water and added some Lego pieces to it. Then he put it in the freezer and waited until it was solid (this took about an hour for each layer to solidify). *Time will vary by freezer.

He repeated this process until the cup was full.

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 These are His Results:

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He observed how layers of ice are formed and he reasoned that layers of snow and ice can form much quicker than what the general public is lead to believe. How soon ice builds up in the arctic depends upon different factors, one being the temperature (he tried two different freezers for this observation).

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He was also inspired  to build a Lego model of a P-38 Lightning. 

Do you have a Science Gem of your own to share? Please leave a comment telling us what it is!


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