Thursday, August 23, 2012

Earth's Three Main Parts- Geography W4, Q1

The Noah Plan 
Geography Week 4, Quarter 1

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God created each part of the earth. Each portion of it is special and uniquely created for life... for us. 

Today we learn about Earth's three main parts. I love to approach our learning with experiences:

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This is how our family chose to relate to the lesson. Perhaps yours will find a field, hill or park on a blustery fall day and experience the atmosphere with the fresh, cool wind in your faces and hair. Maybe yours will head out to a lake, pond, river, or stream to experience the water. I wonder if you'll enjoy playing with big toy trucks in the dirt to experience the land.

These three main parts were created as gifts to us.

They sustain our lives.

They help us to have fun and to create memories. 

They help stir up curiosity and draw us to learn more about our Creator God.

Enjoy them...
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Your child can record this lesson by drawing, painting, paper crafting
or maybe scrapbooking photos of your family's time out.

Would you like to share about how your family related and recorded this lesson? Please leave a comment. I'd love to know!


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