Thursday, August 23, 2012

Word Study Wednesday- Define Tomorrow Link-Up

Tomorrow. It's just around the corner and one thing I'm consistently being taught by the Lord is that... my plans don't really amount to much!

Looking back over the many wonderful years, I can see that my plans for *our tomorrows* were really quite shallow in comparison to the lessons learned by the different trials the Lord has allowed us to go throw. Trials... you know, the things that you don't imagine will take place but *know* that you (like all others) will eventually face. In retrospect, I am so thankful the Lord has loved us enough to allow trials, to hold our hands through them, to gently guide us through them and to bring us to a closer relationship with Him.

And not everything is even a trial that changes the course of *my plans* or *our plans* to allow for growth. This year we have many changes and experiences that are exciting for our family and I anticipate a lot of growth from them, too!

Webster's 1828 Dictionary Defines the word tomorrow as:

, n. [to and morrow.] The day after the present.

One to-day is worth two to-morrows.

(When and why did tomorrow become no longer hyphenated???)

Scripture Tells Us That....

We are not to boast about tomorrow: James 4:13-17 and Proverbs 27:1

We are not to worry or be anxious about tomorrow: Matthew 6:25-34

What Does This Mean For Me?

I will say that it sure seems like many people I know can plan and organize much of their life to fit their plans- vacations here and there, moms' nights out, coffee with friends, reading and discussing every book for the moms' book club, etc. It can be so frustrating when often times I think something is going to work out or I can consistently commit to a certain thing and it doesn't pan out. But if those things were to, or if I were to force them to, I wonder how many lessons I would miss. I find that the more *my plans* don't work out, the more teachable by the Lord I become. This is a very slow process for me. My goals are to learn and practice to be more careful when saying I can or will be able to do anything. I need to remember to think and say, "If the Lord wills it, I will....."

I'm learning to carefully ask myself, "What is the Lord's will for me this day?" or "What is His purpose for me to fulfill at this time?" or "What is His will for me during this season of my life?" and to be flexible and accepting when I see that He is shifting gears.

So, I am starting with this...

If I am able to post daily to this blog, I will. 


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