Friday, August 24, 2012

History and Leaves- W5, Q1

The Noah Plan
History Week 5, Quarter 1
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For some reason I most often think of history as events that have taken place with people and places. However, nature... creation... is a part of history, too!

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Today we are doing leaf rubbings (at least my littler ones are). I'm also working on classification with my kids. I expect my older ones to learn the classifications.; that's not so much a focus for my littler ones at this time. Aside from our notebook page, we'll be adding leaf classifications and plants to our nature journals once a week (as is the goal anyway!).

For You To Do:

When reading the assigned pages in Teaching America's Christian History for this lesson, we dig deeper into God's Principle of Individuality. This is a thought I'd like to share with you,

Let us look at God's universe very carefully. Let us discover the many unique and wonderful things which He has created. Let us pray that God will open our heart and our eyes to see and understand God's Principle of Individuality in all things.
- Teaching and Learning America's Christian History page 156

For Your Child To Do:

Naturally, there are different ways your child may approach notebooking this lesson, too (drawing, painting, pressing leaves and adding them to the page...)

Download your free notebook sheets:

Notebook sheet with child rule for writing the title.

Notebook sheet for older child.

I think the different classifications are so interesting and extend the individuality of leaves! Can you imagine how much more difficult it would be for us to learn about leaves/plants if they all were only of one classification type? This is the source I am using to help my children learn about leaf classification.  I hope you find it useful too. 

What did you end up doing for this lesson? I'd love it if you'd share some ideas!


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