Monday, August 27, 2012

The Good Samaritan

 The Noah Plan
Bible Week 6, Quarter 1

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The Noah Plan's
lesson for this week is about the Good Samaritan. Along with this lesson, I like to encourage our children to keep an eye out for ways they can help someone in need. This means I need to keep my eyes open, too. 

I was recently reading an article titled, The Not-So-Good-Samaritan, which caused me to reflect and ponder. It made me ask myself, "Am I willing to help a complete stranger in person? Or am I more apt to help family and friends because that is comfortable, it's what I know and it feels safe?" 

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What example am I setting before my children?

Am I too busy?
Am I self-absorbed? 

Lord, please help me to be aware.

I think it goes without saying that children need to have their parents with them when dealing with strangers. So, what are some ways we can shepherd our children in this area? Here are a few which come to mind:

Helping Directly:

  • The elderly can be so lonely and feel separated from youth. Maybe there is a neighbor or a retirement home in which you and your child can visit? 
  •  Share art with strangers to cheer them up.
We have had many opportunities to be in hospital waiting rooms. One of our older children drew a sketch of an older couple that sat with their backs to her. Drawing and sketching were somethings for her to do to pass the time. Before we left, she gave the sketch to the couple. They were so delighted to receive it! 

Tears! I was touched by what my child did. I was so focused on the circumstances we were all facing that I didn't reach beyond silent prayers. My child, however, went beyond our circumstances to bless someone else. And who knows what they were facing! This mama's heart swelled with joy to see her child do something so special from her heart.

 Helping Indirectly:
  • Children can help bring joy to the elderly by decorating lunch bags and place mats for your local Meals on Wheels.
  • You and your child can donate food to a local food bank on a regular basis (maybe collect food together for the food bank).
  • You and your child could  donate gently used clothing to a shelter.
  • Donate baby clothing or diapers to a pregnancy resource center in your area.
  • I was also inspired by some ideas found at the What a Ride! blog. I think it'd be worth your time to check it out!

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What are some ideas that you have for you and your child to help strangers? Please share some of them!


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