Thursday, August 16, 2012

Starting With Me!

The Noah Plan
History Week 4 Quarter 1

(This Makes a Great Unit Study!)

This is a fantastic lesson to go over with the kids about history and how they are a part of it, too. We go through two steps for this lesson.

The first one covers, "What Shows That I Am Me?" The Noah Plan Curriculum has examples to help the kids to get ideas and to get the thinking processes started for more. The ones in the photo below are some that our kids came up with on their own during our group discussion. 

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I love this because it reinforces the truth that each of us are individuals and what it is that makes us so. I think this is such an essential concept for all of us to grasp; it especially matters so that we have the mindset that each of us have been given purposes, gifts and talents by God to use for His Glory!

The second portion of this lesson covers the beautiful poem "Starting With Me" by Rosalie June Slater. Then the kids draw self-portraits.

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For You To Do:

I love the potential to learn more at a higher level. We parents/teachers are assigned to read pages 8-9, 75-79 in The Noah Plan History and Geography Guide. We also have the opportunity to become more educated by reading pages 155-156, 230-231 in Teaching and Learning America's Providential History.

For Your Children to Do: 

You can download your free notebooking pages for "What Shows That I Am Me?" and "Starting With Me" with traceable words 


pages for "What Shows That I Am Me?" and "Starting With Me" without traceable words.


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