Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Tanglewoods' Secret- Literature Guide

We are reading The Tanglewoods' Secret as a part of our My Father's World: Creation to the Greek's curriculum. I love reading aloud to our children; we typically do this in the evening as extra special family time.

I want to do more than read through the chapters with my children. I want to do more than just discuss what we have read. I want to dig into the Word of God with them to learn the principles regarding what we just read. I want to discuss the characters and have a way to make note of how they change through the story...

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So, I am creating The Tanglewood's Secret Bible Principles Literature Guide. I am having my 3rd, 6th and 7th graders take written notes as we discuss the book and Bible Principles. I'm having my 1st grader join the discussion, too, but draw about something that was read. Our 6th grader is creating coloring pages for our Kindergartner and Preschooler to color while they listen to the story.

When taking the time to discuss Bible Principles, I am sewing seeds of truth within my children's hearts. I am teaching them how to turn to Scripture to search for answers about ideas, behaviors, heart attitudes, etc. This helps reinforce the teachings of Scripture. I believe this is so important because education is more than just about the *academics* and more than just *enjoying literature.* It's about teaching our children truths and we find truths in Scripture.

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