Sunday, October 28, 2012

Days of Creation!

The Noah Plan 
Bible- Week 1, Quarter 2

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We're in Quarter Two already! How is it going for your family so far? It'd be wonderful if you'd leave a comment about what you are loving about The Noah Plan curriculum... or even the Principle Approach®  in general! I'd love to know!

Likely this has been something your children have learned in Sunday School, but please do not skip over it! I still taught this to our children because... they are our children and I want them to learn that the Bible is not redundant! There are always things to learn from passages we have read over regardless the number of times.

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The Creation of Adam -Michelangelo
This Noah Plan Curriculum lesson goes over why God created all the different things He did. The kids also go over the different categories. We go into a deep discussion about how God created man in His image- distinct from from ALL animals and plants!

If you want to have a notebook page for your child's notebook then you can print one out. And/or you can have them do art projects and use notebook sheets in relation to those art lessons. I'd like to encourage you to read these posts because they cover questions like...


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