Thursday, October 25, 2012

Make a Guard Costume!

Please keep in mind that we are making do with items we have on hand for our family report on the Protestant Reformer Lady Jane Grey. That being said, we totally know that our costumes are not 100% accurate for the time period. 

I found this guard/knight shirt at Good Will a few years back. We only have one so a few years back we had our younger son wear a long sleeved shirt (I cannot recall if it was black or gray) and my husband had lovingly helped me to craft a crest out of felt and hot glue to pin/sew onto the front of the shirt. It turned out cute... I mean... very guard/knightly-like! I'd take a picture to show you but I have no idea whereabouts it is! All that to say that you can easily craft a knight shirt if you don't have anything else on hand!

Anyway, our son is wearing a black t-shirt with the guard/knight shirt and black sweat pants. His black socks will be pulled over the bottom of his pant legs and coupled with his dark shoes (and with the help of our imaginations) help give the illusion of a boot. If we had black rain boots for him he'd probably wear those.

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He has a nifty wooden sword we bought a few years back from a Civil War Reenactment and then he has some gear still in tact from an Armor of God dress up kit he once got for a birthday present.

And that's what we're going with for his costume as a guard!


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