Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Renaissance Dress- Part 1

Renaissance Dress

Lady Jane Grey is the Protestant Reformer our kids are doing a report on this year. Here is the ensemble of items from around our house which one of our girls will be wearing:

© Principled Academy

This is how we made a renaissance dress with what we have on hand... 

© Principled Academy
This is a simple skirt she sewed a while back.
© Principled Academy
This is a shirt from her closet.
© Principled Academy
This is a lace dress shell from when I was a teen!
© Principled Academy
Here it is with sleeves and a sash.

I had an old baby sheet (the elastic was too worn on a corner for safe use any longer) which we used to make the sleeves out of. We cut from the elastic corners down so that the elastic could fit directly over the short sleeves of the dress. 

The long pink ribbon being used for a sash was something I saved (because I just knew I'd have use for it one day! Haha!)

© Principled Academy
The crown/ queen-like headdress.
And of course this is the final touch (see my tutorial on it here)!


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