Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mother Goose & King Henry the Eighth

The Noah Plan
Week 1, Quarter 2

What do you know about the history of Mother Goose? Quarter two of The Noah Plan K Curriculum has us learning about her... and the timing couldn't be more perfect! 

For instance, are you aware that the Mother Goose nursery rhymes were written during the rule of King Henry the Eighth? Yes! It was exactly around the time that the Reformation was taking place. It was also exactly around the time of the Separatists... who would later have the courage to become Pilgrims for the sake of the Gospel! This goes along perfectly with our Reformation studies which are still taking place in our home.

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I'll share a little about one of the Mother Goose rhymes which I learned about from The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide:

"Little Jack Horner" eating his "Christmas pie" and pulling out a "plum" illustrates the wicked policies of Henry the Eighth. The pie, which a real Mr. Horner was supposed to be carrying to the king, contained twelve little deeds to certain church estates which Henry the Eighth was repossessing from the church now separated from Rome. Jack's plum was one of these deeds which he claimed to have been given him from the king. The descendants of Jack Horner do indeed possess the original deed bearing the king's signature though they deny it was ever a plum in a pie but rather came to them direct from the king."
-p. 95 The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide
Isn't that so interesting?! How many of us have just simply read through the rhymes simply enjoying them and having no knowledge of what is behind them? 

Since I have added studies about the Reformation to our homeschool, I am only covering a couple of the nursery rhymes in the Noah Plan lesson for this week. 

Have you expanded your studies on Mother Goose and/or her nursery rhymes? If so, please share with us what you have learned!

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