Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Prep- Part B

Just so there isn't a mistake by those who pass by that we are not celebrating Halloween, I got  my homemade banner up for Thanksgiving Day today.

© Principled Academy

Here is how I made it:

Printed Letters in the size I desired
Marker (to trace the letters onto the felt)
Felt (Fall Colors )
Hot glue gun
Hot glue gun sticks
Leaf Garlands (Dollar Store)

© Principled Academy
1. Cut your felt squares for your banner in halves.
2. Choose the font you'd like to use. If you want your banner easily read from a distance, you will want to choose a simple sans serif font. 

3. Choose what colors you want your letters to be- consider your background felt square colors.

4.Cut your letters out of the paper and trace the letters onto your felt with a marker.

© Principled Academy

5. Next, choose how you want your felt letters positioned on each felt square. Then apply the hot glue to the back of your letters and glue them in place.

© Principled Academy
© Principled Academy
© Principled Academy
6. Lastly, glue your banner squares onto your fall leaf garlands and then hang them up!  (I also tacked down some of the leaf corners to some of the felt squares with hot glue.)

I think I'm done decorating our front porch now. Soon I'll be ready to move indoors with little Thanksgiving Day touches here and there. Would you like to see them?


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