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The Noah Plan- History
Week 6, Quarter 1

{Get your free notebooking pages at the end of this post!}

When continuing on with our History studies, we observe God's Principle of Individuality seen in seashells. It's one thing to observe seashells and talk about them...

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 ... but it's another thing to observe them closely and have God as the center of the discussion about seashells. 

I love enjoying such natural treasures in my children's little hands. I love how they wonder about them and closely observe the unique traits God has given each one and how no two are exactly alike. Individuality....

Over the years, our family has collected a lot of broken shells on the beach. The only ones we ever seem to find in tact are the muscles. So, I went to Micheal's Craft Store and purchased a variety pack of small shells. I also purchased a few larger ones.

I came across this website for identifying sea shells and I love it! It introduced me to Cloudy Periwinkles and I fell in love with them! The blues and the greens are gorgeous! (In fact, I love everything about this photo! It's gorgeous!!!)

After holding the shells, observing, admiring and talking about how they reflect God's Principle of Individuality, we moved on to our notebooking page. I printed them on card stock paper because she used water color to paint them. The thickness of the card stock helps absorb the water but she still had to be careful to control how wet she got the paper.

What We Did:

© Principled Academy
She colored in her shells with water color pencils and then
activated the paint with water on her paint brush.
© Principled Academy
 She used cake water color paints to paint in the
sand instead of gluing sand onto her notebooking page.
© Principled Academy

Here, she is brushing the cake water color paints like teeth to load color on it.
(Yes, this tooth brush is reserved for paints only!)
You can get paint brushes for this purpose from the Dollar Store!

© Principled Academy
Next, she sprayed the paint onto her painting like so....

© Principled Academy
See the texture the toothbrush spray created? This gives the illusion of broken shells, pebbles or the texture of the sand itself (it just depends on the colors used).

There are a variety of free notebooking pages you can download!

My friend Lucy over at A Cherished Keeper shares beautiful sentiments about one of her daughters observing shells. It's a wonderful post and I hope you hop on over to read it.


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