Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blessing Daddy: Meals To Go Mini-Series (#1)

One of my heart's desires is to teach my children how to honor and bless their daddy. The good habit of applying Bible Principles daily in our lives easily allows for this to naturally happen in our day. You see, the Principle Approach® isn't just about creating notebooks, reading from the Bible and having discussions. It's about practicing and applying the principles in Scripture to all areas of life. It's a lifestyle. It's training. It focuses on discipleship and fellowship.

Leading Idea
 Preparing meals for Daddy is one way to honor him.

Bible Principle
"Honor your father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;" (Ephesians 2:6)

My husband prefers to have something easy to grab and go for his breakfast. This eliminates a lot of breakfast options! So, I have tried to come up with creative breakfasts for him using the same ingredients I use for breakfast for my kids and myself. 

While my children and I have scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, fruit, biscuits and jam... we make egg biscuits for my husband. This saves so much time and we have breakfast for their Daddy ready for the following morning.

Breakfast Biscuits-

We make these from scratch and we use a pint sized canning jar to cut them out of the dough.

© Principled Academy
One day my daughter's hands may be preparing breakfast for her husband.

While the biscuits are in the oven, we'll scramble eggs and add onion, bell peppers and maybe add some turkey bacon once in a while. We cook up the eggs in a single layer in the pan.

© Principled Academy
Sauteing onions before we add them to the scrambled eggs.
Once they are done, we use a pint size canning jar to cut out the eggs. Sometimes we add a little bit of mustard- it depends on my husband's preference at the time. 

Thin slices of cheese on both the top and bottom biscuit will hold it all together once they are heated in the morning before he heads out of the door (these freeze really well, too, by the way).


We do our best to make sure hot water is ready in the coffee pot and that his tea or hot coco is sitting next to his mug so he can prepare it before he leaves for work on these cold mornings.


On days he is not home to eat lunch with us, we'll sometimes pack a turkey sandwich (loaded with lettuce, onion, tomato), some nuts and some fruit.

Do you have any grab n' go breakfasts and lunches your family prepares for your husband? Do you have ideas to share? If so, please leave a comment. :)


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  1. Yum, those breakfast biscuits look delicious! Banana bread muffins (or any other type of muffin) are a great grab and go breakfast. Add a hard boiled egg for some protein. What about some hearty homemade granola bars - I'm thinking oatmeal in a bar. Breakfast burrito is a good option, or a quiche, made in a muffin tin, so he can just reheat a few for breakfast. You could make a version of rice krispie treats - less marshmallow and more nuts and dried fruit with your favorite whole grain cereal. My husband always takes leftovers to eat at work, so I make sure to plan extra into my dinner plans. Then I have the kids portion out some for his lunch when we they put the food away after we eat. So great to have the kids help bless their daddy, and I'm sure they love the praise he gives them for their hard work!

    1. Muffins, hard boiled eggs and breakfast burritos are regulars for us, too. :) We haven't yet tried the other ideas; my husband may like those too. Thanks so much for sharing, Janice!