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Blessing Daddy: Meals To Go Mini-Series (#2)

This is the second post in this mini-series (you can go here for the first post) on blessing Daddy with breakfasts and lunches for on the go. 
My children are learning to apply, the Principle Approach® method of honoring their father by helping to prepare breakfasts and lunches for him.

Leading Idea
 Preparing meals for Daddy is one way to honor him.
Bible Principle
"Honor your father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;" (Ephesians 2:6)


To honor my husband's preference to have something easy to grab and go for his breakfast, my children and I pack up muffins, hard boiled eggs and fruit for him. This is done easily enough the day before since this is what my children and I have for breakfast.

Muffins are pretty quick to whip up. Depending on how much is yielded in individual recipes, we may double or triple the batch. Muffins freeze well, defrost on the counter well and there are so many yummy varieties! Our favorites are banana, pineapple, blueberry, pumpkin, orange (and Orange Cranberry Almond), and lemon.

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Our other daughter is reinforcing her math skills as she reads
the recipe and measures. She is also learning how to prepare meals
for herself (and one day she may prepare them for her own family.)

I have one muffin morning a week (usually). My children and I may have scrambled eggs or we may have omelets with them (it just depends on which we choose to have during our biscuit morning). Since the eggs are out, it's easy enough to boil some eggs for my husband while cooking and baking up everything else. 

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Needless to say, the hard boiled eggs stay in the refrigerator until right before he leaves. But I do bag them (already pealed) with fruit in a paper bag so he can just plop the muffins in when he is ready to go. *I add some salt in a snack sized ziploc bag for his eggs when we don't have a disposable salt shaker for him to take along.


You can see in the photo above that his favorite selections are easily set out for him until morning. He takes a travel mug with him but I have noticed that sometimes he prefers to prepare his beverage in a regular mug and then pour it into the travel mug, so I have a regular mug out on the counter just in case (and no, I haven't figured out yet why he'll sometimes do it one way and not the other).


Sometimes he wants a repeat favorite sandwich (like turkey), so one of my children will help by making that. Then we pop it in the the same paper sack as the hard boiled eggs. He can then put his food in the insulated lunch bag with an ice pack right before he leaves.

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Our son is always so excited to help out!

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What are some of your families favorite muffin flavors? We have also tried raspberry lime and those were pretty yummy (though they haven't made it on our list of favorites.) :)


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