Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Abraham the Hebrew- The Noah Plan K Q2, W4

Quarter 2, Week 4

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You know how when you read the Bible, you continue to learn from passages of Scripture you  have read many times before? As we recently read about Abraham, we learned that he is the first Hebrew mentioned. We have read that many times over but never really gave much thought to it. Enter in a Word Study! LOVE!! We learned that Hebrew means "to cross over." So... a Hebrew is "one who crosses over." To learn what is meant by "one who crosses over," you can visit the Ancient Hebrew website.

'The March of Abraham'

Molnár József, 1850, Hungary.
Public Domain
There are a lot of wonderful lessons we learn from Abraham. He had so much faith in God! And God always kept (keeps) His promises! 

It's really exciting to hear what our youngest ones talk about during Principle Approach® lessons. The talking points in The Noah Plan Curriculum launch us into wonderful discussions. And as our older ones grow in understanding and wisdom, they wonder about and ask all sorts of questions. Then we go and research and reason from Scripture. They are learning what it is to seek God and His Wisdom. I cannot fully express how if feels to see my children grow in Biblical wisdom at such young ages!

What are some conversations you've had with your kids or questions your family has come up with from this week's lesson? Please share! :)


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