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Conscience- The Noah Plan Curriculum (History)

The Noah Plan Curriculum- History
Week 1, Quarter 3

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Recognize this from yesterday's Word Study? :)

The less an individual listens to their conscience... the quieter and quieter and quiter it gets until they can no longer hear it..... How do we help our children be aware so they can guard theirs? What do we do daily to guard our own? 

"God requires faithful stewardship of all His gifts, especially the internal property of conscience.  This is a tool for self-government as each child learns the revelation of consent. Each individual governs his life through the voluntary consent to do right or wrong." ~The Noah Plan History and Geography Curriculum Guide p. 68

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I love how the Noah Plan Curriculum has us getting into the Bible
with each subject so we can learn the principles behind the Leading Ideas (themes).

After reading more about conscience...
"Thus we can see the Christian inheritance of property- from the first century  when "liberty of conscience" became more important to men than their very lives. We remember the  Pilgrims fleeing from England, rather than submit to infringement of their rights of conscience. And here we find the founding fathers reminding us that "we have property" in our rights- and that the right to conscience is the most important." ~Teaching and Learning America's Christian History p. 228

"Paul gives us a tremendous statement concerning conscience
"And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offense toward God, and toward men." Acts 24:16"
"Conscience is first occupied in ascertaining our duty (legislative), before we  proceed to action (executive), then in judging of our actions when performed (judicial).

" Only an individual truly Christ-governed can be conscientious. The law referred to here is the Law of God- the internal government of God through Christ in the heart, the mind and the affections of each individual." ~T&L p. 229

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Faith, friend(ship), share(ing), love... as we live out these
actions intentionally, we conscientiously do them. They help
us to have a clear conscience before God (Yahweh) and before men.

There is so much more to read and ponder. To really take into consideration. To guard against. To live out. Most of what is assigned for me to read is for my growth... for my education. There are parts that I choose to pull out and teach to my children at varied levels (line upon line, precept upon precept). 

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The keys serve as a visual reminder to my children that
conscience is the key to self-government under Christ Jesus (Yeshua).

I am thankful that the Noah Plan Curriculum takes us through a deep lesson on this. There are important lead questions to walk through with our children. I love that we begin this discussion at such young ages. 

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The individuality of each of my children still shows through
as they scrapbook according to their personal tastes.

Has this lesson post inspired you? What have you learned from your studies for this lesson? Please leave a comment below if it has. Thank you! :)

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