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John Wycliffe- The Noah Plan History

The Noah Plan- History
Quarter 2, Week 9

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One of the beauties of The Principle Approach is that I am caused to further my own education. So that I can prepare to teach my children, I do some reading on Wycliffe and share about him. It doesn't take much time to do the reading assignments and the information is always meaningful (no *twaddle* is found among any of the assignments). Therefor, I know that my time will not be wasted. 

The Morning Star of the Reformation

Wycliffe, in case you don't know, helped believers to have individual liberty under Christ (Yeshua in Hebrew) by translating the Bible from Latin into English. He questioned the traditions of men within the church at the time and for that he was considered a Heretic. Can you imagine not being able to ask questions without the leadership getting angry? Red flags should have popped up for everyone! (There is so much more to learn from the assigned readings. I encourage you to take the time to read them.) 

He reasoned that since the New Testament was written in Greek, the common language of the people at the time, that the Scriptures were meant for everyone to have the ability to read and understand. In Wycliffe's time, Latin was not the common language of the people in England which made it impossible for most people to read the Scriptures for themselves! In addition, he saw that it was wrong for only the church to have copies of the Bible.

I think there are some parallels here with the Jewish leaders in Paul's time as they, too, had their own traditions of men. When Jesus Christ (Yeshuah) would test their traditions against the Torah, the Jewish leaders would become angered (to say the least).

As a part of this lesson, our family watched the film "John Wycliffe, Morning Star of the Reformation." Maybe you will want to also. 

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