Monday, March 18, 2013

Thanking God~ The Noah Plan Curriculum (Bible Q3, W1)

The Noah Plan Curriculum- Bible
Quarter 3, Week 1

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We simply enjoyed singing this song today ....


Has He made you glad? I love opening up this lesson with this song of worship with my children. What a wonderful time to have discussing praise, worship and thanksgiving with our children... but then again, when isn't it a wonderful time to?  I love that God (Yahweh in Hebrew) invites us to joyfully enter into His presence! He doesn't force us to; He invites us to (insert a big, big heart here).  

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We are working on individual "Thankful Journals." Our goal is to write at least one thing each day. Still, our children filled out notebook pages for this lesson. :)

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Part of the lesson goes over how singing and praising are ways of thanking Him for His goodness. Our children know there are other ways to praise and thank Him and I had them write down the ways they love to enter His presence in worship. One of my personal favorites is Hebrew dancing (Psalm 150). There is nothing like worshiping Him in this way...

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I hope to one day learn how to worship Him in dance while using banners as well. I also hope to one day learn how to play the timbrel. It's one of my favorite instruments that accompanies other instruments during [music] worship. There is just something about it.


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