Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Uncle Remus Stories! The Noah Plan Curriculum Literture

The Noah Plan Curriculum- Literature
Quarter 3, Week 2

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I remember when I had been given my own copy of Uncle Remus Stories. I poured over the book! My copy got lost years ago during a move, but it was like the one below (only I'm sure I remember more wear and tear on my copy).

The Leading Idea for this lesson is, "Fables and myths are a type of literature that give insight on the ideas and ideals of many nations." When doing some research on Uncle Remus Stories, one learns that this has to do with American History during the time of slavery in the South. These are a collection of stories collected from African-Americans of the Southern United States. 

I am without a copy of the book right now, however, our family did watch Song of the South. Oh how Br'er Rabbits' antics had some of us laughing hard! There are lots of points to talk about with our kids which give us the chance to share Bible Principles with them. Fun times!


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