Sunday, May 19, 2013

Home School Conventions and Fairs

{Free printable materials for you to share!}

Just last week I was blessed to have two dear friends share a Principle Approach booth at a local home school fair. This is an answered prayer and it was such a blessed time!

My friend, Cindy, thought of going with a gardening theme and she did an amazing job pulling the tri-fold board together. I hope you are inspired by and enjoy the pics from what we did.

Sorry this is a poor quality photo. :(
Behind the Geraniums are the children's rain boots (seen later in this post). You see the container with the bookmarks. There was a copy of The Third Grade Noah Plan Curriculum for parents to pour over. The little white bucket contained coloring crayons and Cindy had put together an activity sheet for kids to do. In the frame is a printout of the results from PEERS tests given to students in public, Christian and Principle Approach Method schools. In the brown bucket were little mockup books of Webster's 1828 Dictionary, a Bible, and a student notebook that Cindy made.  

Here is how Cindy made the board:

She used something-other-than-and-better-than-a-Cricket
to make the lettering. She spray painted the Bible verse.

Isn't this brilliant?
It's on the left panel of the board.
(click photo to enlarge)

This is what she used for the right panel.
(click photo to enlarge)

I thought I'd share some free printables with you! These bookmarks may be given away to moms you share about The Principle Approach method with, left at the library on a table, or at your home school booth or fair. (I laminated ours but that doesn't have to be done.)

A fun little way to present the bookmarks. :)
(click photo to enlarge)

A fun display with children's boot at our booth. :)

Your FREE printables!
There are 5 different bookmark designs with Bible Principle resources listed on the back.

So, do you think you'll use the bookmarks? If so, please tell us how!


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