Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paintbrush Art Awards- 2013!

We just wrapped up the school year with our homeschool co-ops. We're thankful to share so much time with these friends the Lord has brought into our lives.

Last year's post on the paintbrush awards has become quite popular and some people have been wanting to see this year's awards. So... without further ado...

Leonardo da Vinci Study
The Mona Lisa

Look at how unique each interpretation is!
*Grades* ranging from preschool to 8th.

Raphael Study
The Transfiguration of Christ
I used the Transfiguration of Christ study from The Stonebridge Academy Art Guide

Beatrix Potter Study
Various Illustrations/Style

Georgia O'Keefe Study
Painting Style

Chihuly Artist Study
"Glass" Bowls

Is this time consuming? Yes! Is it worth it? To me it is! I see the children pouring themselves into their art throughout the school year. I see them developing creative processes with each lesson. I see them paying attention. I see their effort in learning and applying techniques. I see them giving of themselves (artists do that) when creating something for others to enjoy along with them. When I see their faces light up as they receive their unique, individual awards I know my time was invested wisely. When I overhear them excitedly say, "This looks like my art!" I know the hours I poured into creating them is worth it.

I hope this inspires you! If you share this idea with others, please link back and/or refer to my website. Thanks so much!


I hope to get the art posts caught up this summer. :)


  1. Love the paintbrush idea! Merri from Blogelina!

    1. Hi Merri! It's nice to meet another artist! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm glad you left your blog's address; I'm heading on over to check it out. :)