Monday, November 25, 2013

Review & Giveaway- "John Owen" Christian Biographies for Young Readers

Have you heard of John Owen? He is another Reformer and I recently learned of him. What another inspiring individual; living out his life to glorify the One True God of the Bible and to serve others.

We learned about John Owen from Siomenetta Carr in her book, John Owen.

Do you own any of her Christian Biographies for Young Readers? They are such good resources to have on hand.

I was thrilled to learn that John Owen lived during the time of the Puritans and Pilgrims. A study on John Owen transitions beautifully into our studies of the Pilgrims as we lead up to Thanksgiving Day. I think you will find this to be a wonderful resource for your church history studies.

Simonetta Carr gives us the opportunity to learn about Owen's education and what it was like for him to study during such difficult times in history. His dedication to his education is exemplary. We also get to learn of his career path as pastor and a writer. She explains simply the political upheaval at the time and the effects it had on the people... including Owen.

In addition, we learn of England's Dark Hour. Have you heard of it? We hadn't before (at least I don't recall having learned it years ago). It's interesting to learn how this event caused more freedom for Preachers. Still, despite authorities lightening up a bit, there were continual perils which Owen faced.

In her classic style, Simonetta Carr provides beautiful illustrations, paintings and photographs to visually guide readers with ideas of what people, places and things looked like during Owens lifetime. In addition, she offers a Did You Know? section with facts to further educate readers.
We use notebook pages to go along with our studies. The notebook pages can be used to teach about John Owen without the book, but we highly recommend reading the book!!

Download your free John Owen notebook pages by clicking here

Bonus! Simonetta Carr is offering her downloadable study guide for John Owen for FREE!
You can download your copy by clicking here.

Simonetta Carr in conjunction with Reformation Heritage Books is giving away one (1) copy of John Owen. Enter for your chance to win! 

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  1. One of our favorites in the online course from Dayspring Academy -- The Story of the Pilgrims.

  2. We love The Stories of the Pilgrims (especially now that it is an audiobook!)!

  3. The Story of the Pilgrims course through Dayspring Academy -- absolutely loved this! We also enjoy an audio book, Stories of the Pilgrims read by Jim Hodges.

  4. John Owen is one of my favorite author. I had won this book that is part of the giveaway contest and it is in the church's library. But I want to share this giveaway contest with others out there and do hope that they will win this wonderful great book. If I do win this, I will give this to someone that would love to have this book.

    I also had to share the fact that someone thought that I was married to John Owen. I wrote a blog about it and you will laugh at this.

  5. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope I win so I can share Owen with my kids—he's one of my favorites!

    1. P.S. There are a number of Puritan resources I've used and benefited from besides primary sources (Bunyan, Owen, Manton, Watson, Vincent, etc.) such as:

      Puritan Profiles (J.I. Packer)
      Puritan Paperbacks (Banner of Truth)
      Growing Up in Grace (Murray Brett)
      Several of Joel Beeke's books.